GPS #'s for 3a

What format do you use/prefer for your GPS #'s?

  • Degree, Minute, Decimal Second = 26° 08' 55.5"

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  • Degree, Decimal Minute = 26° 08.925'

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  • Decimal Degree = 26.14875°

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Alright Sportsfans... I'm getting ready to post a bunch of GPS numbers for area 3a - mostly (if not completely SOUTH of the alley) And thanks go to ALL the guys down south for sending me these numbers to compile. Basket, Randy, Cowboy, Larry, Lyc200 and apologies if I've left anyone out.

But before I get to posting these, help me out. Please tell me what format you'd like to get the numbers by answering the poll above.

I'll be posting numbers for locations, and strings of numbers which you can use to make routes, telling you which way you need to go at that fork in the trail.

The reason I've not posted them yet is that some of the numbers I recieved conflicted with each other a little, and some are from older GPS units which just "ballpark" a location. I'm going thru the list and confirming them, tuning them up and so on so there is no confusion and we're all on the same page.

My genius GPS whiz fiancée - Laura is going to help me finish up this over the weekend, and with any luck, by saturday night we'll have it posted right here in this thread.

Tell me how you want it! Answer the poll above!


matt don't forget the map datra. I had to go find a broken down hovercraft this past fall --the owner give me the format and the Lat/LON but we were using different map datra and it turned out that it was a good thing that we were in a river with heavy woods on both sides .. My waypoint was about 1/2 mile off from the boat's location.
I will copy them down when you post -- Just so I can find the coolers whenever I get back to Fl.
Well, it looks like most like the cooridinate format which has the most typing, and (in my opinion) is prone to a little confusion. I myself prefer the pure decimal degrees, it's just one decimal number - less to get mixed up.

With some testing, Laura and I discovered that all are equally accurate.

So how about a comprimise? Many of the numbers I got from the guys in South Florida were in the Deg/decimal minutes format, and that is how I'm going to present them here.

If anyone needs help converting them to your favorite format, drop me a note and I can help you out. It's pretty easy to just tell your GPS unit what kind of numbers to display or input.

Laura is going to post the numbers, she is just finishing double checking them and tweeking the accuracy.

Thanks for all who send the names & numbers of these points of interest and the trails.

Points of Interest:


MM 35 Ramp (North) 26 8.86N, 80 37.85W

MM 41 Ramp 26 8.92N, 80 43.14W

Holiday Park 26 3.64N, 80 26.71W

Duck Camp 26 1.60N, 80 45.45W

Hawk Camp 26 1.35N, 80 44.94W

Bergeron's Camp 26 6.66N, 80 42.69W

Microwave Tower 25 59.46N, 80 50.38W

Picnic Island 26 4.73N, 80 34.89W

Swimming Hole Rocks 25 59.55N, 80 50.69W

More to come......

From Holiday Park to Duck Camp:
1. 26 3.64N, 80 26.71W - Holiday Park
2. 26 3.39N, 80 27.58W
3. 26 2.69N, 80 29.41W
4. 26 2.18N, 80 30.85W
5. 26 1.83N, 80 31.90W - Holiday trail @ Miami Canal
6. 26 1.08N, 80 33.86W
7. 26 0.55N, 80 35.31W
8. 26 0.56N, 80 40.38W
9. 26 1.20N, 80 42.77W
10. 26 1.47N, 80 43.58W
11. 26 1.66N, 80 44.73W
12. 26 1.64N, 80 45.40W
13. 26 1.60N, 80 45.45W - Duck Camp

From MM41 to Duck Camp
1. 26 8.92N, 80 43.14W - MM41
2. 26 8.24N, 80 43.03W
3. 26 7.64N, 80 42.92W
4. 26 7.13N, 80 42.75W
5. 26 6.47N, 80 43.07W
6. 26 5.58N, 80 43.27W
7. 26 4.46N, 80 43.48W
8. 26 3.80N, 80 43.77W - meets MM35 trail here
9. 26 2.95N, 80 44.13W
10. 26 2.19N, 80 44.49W
11. 26 1.69N, 80 45.08W
12. 26 1.60N, 80 45.45W - Duck Camp

That's more legs than Hooters has :shock:
No wonder I'm always gettin' lost! Always hated math!

Who's gonna give GPS lessons?

Jeff, thanks to you & Dawn, Laura and I have our first GPS unit. We dove right in reading the manual from cover to cover twice (at least). And while neither of us are veterans at GPS, we'd be happy to offer any help if anyone has any questions.

I suppose my first bit of advice would be to not be intimidated by the thing. There are a lot of features, these things can do a lot of stuff! Just take it one day at a time, buy a bunch of batteries, and play with it often. Get a handle on one feature at a time. Every time we use our unit, we learn one more little detail about it.

We have a Garmin GPSmap76 model and if anyone has specific questions, we'd be happy to help. Otherwise, we're happy to offer general advice.

matt & laura.
Just a little note to add to what Matt said.... if all else fails, read the directions! :read2:
One more trail:

From MM35 (SW ramp) to Duck Camp:
1. 26 8.68N, 80 37.85W - MM35
2. 26 8.17N, 80 38.09W
3. 26 7.61N, 80 38.97W
4. 26 6.99N, 80 40.25W - trail forks, bear right
5. 26 6.74N, 80 40.83W
6. 26 6.56N, 80 41.06W
7. 26 6.24N, 80 41.19W
8. 26 5.65N, 80 41.52W
9. 26 5.07N, 80 41.50W - intersection, bear right (SW)
10. 26 4.56N, 80 42.30W
11. 26 4.46N, 80 42.87W
12. 26 3.80N, 80 43.77W - meets MM41 trail to Duck Camp
13. 26 2.95N, 80 44.13W
14. 26 2.19N, 80 44.49W
15. 26 1.69N, 80 45.08W
16. 26 1.60N, 80 45.45W - Duck Camp