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Gpu cylinders


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can anybody tell me if 0200 cylinders work on a 220 gpu?sounds silly, I understand. I'm just ballin on a budget, in need of cylinders. And exploring the options. Ignorant to air-cooled engines. I found a friend of a friend that has like 30 contential 0200 jugs that I can get for like nothing... so thats why I'm asking...

& While I'm asking questions... and your still reading, my 220 blows smoke from everywhere. Vented from the fill tube and rear of the block chuggin smoke. I havent done a leak down yet but compression was high figures like 150/low 210/high. Im thinking those are some wet ass jugs... pretty sure cyl 5 and 6 are shot. Cyl 5 will stop smoking intermittently. Cyl 6 chugs like a freight train. Pulled header to quickly confirm. I had low oil pressure thinking I have a slap wore out 1959 engine, read some posts, found and cleand oil filter/screen. Don't know what I'm looking at but pulled the oil press "reg" or dump valve under the #1 cyl and put some washers behind the spring. Pulled the spark plugs, cleaned em up fired it and idles @ 20 psi now. Ordered 12 more spark plugs (6 new and 6 for backups) my " mutual connect" says if its just rings, measure the cylinders he can get me rings for about $65 per hole... lastly I pulled my whisper tip of my dd350 boat slapped on the 220 as is w/ no adjustments. And the 220 only spun to 2500ish when my sbc spins that prop 2850ish rpm. However @ 2500 rpm it was pushing my pickup thru the back yard. Im so confused :dontknow: anyone's $ .02 is appreciated and thank you for the time
No the 0200 cylinders will not fit. They are the same size as the PE60 only aircraft so the intake is on the bottom. A lot of people are converting to 047 cylinders but it takes some more parts than just cylinders and I would want to know what shape bottom is in before i went that route. Look around you will find some cylinders.
A differential compression tester will tell you what your cylinder is doing. Get it on TDC, pressure gauge up to 80psi and hang on to the prop firmly or it can come around and hurt you if you loose your grip. While the cylinder is pressurized rock the prop slightly to get rings to seat and note your leak down pressure. If its leaking by the rings you will hear the air blowing through the dip stick or breather tube. If the valves are leaking then you will hear it through the exhaust or through the carb.
Just out of curiosity, have you checked the tightness of the 2 nuts that are to the right of #5? (Often times this is where the alternator is mounted.) I am a newbie, but where you describe the smoke coming out is where I recently had oil creeping out of mine. Right on the top of the case near vent tube. The reason why for me was is that I loosened those bolts to put a bracket on and couldn't get them off. They were still a little loose when I ran it. I had no clue they held the case together and went all the way through to #6! (You can see a pic of my post a few down "what are these bolts.")