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GPU Fuel Pump ??


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I bought a fuel pump on line and it came with the drive gear that goes in the front of the accessory case. it is complete with a bowl / sump. The issue is it will be upside down if i install on the right front. Are these thing handed?
Your right it would be on the left facing the accessory case, my dyslexia was kicking in. Any way the bowl will be on top, the sediment would be on the pump screen.
Are you sure you have a GPU fuel pump? Post a photo if you can and perhaps we can help you out. I saw one on E-bay a while back they said was for an O-470 GPU but it didn't look like the ones I have on my two GPU engines.

Have you tried to install it upside down? The fuel pump doesn't care but the gascolator needs to have the drain at the bottom.
We always just bought a mechanical fuel pump for a 1976 slant six Dodge they drop right in and never have any problems! Heck I think bran new they are less then $30