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Great hunt for Dall Sheep


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Hey Congrats!

Looks like you had a awesome first trip here. Great weather from the looks of your pics. We go to Valdez every year, went the whole month of August. It sucked! Rained 23 days straight, no silvers. What a great Ram you got. You'll be back. Took my wife and I 30 years to get here and never leaving. Take care...


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you did an awesome job with the pictures and that was a really nice Ram you got, you eat any of that meat yet just wondering how it is
Nice rams !!
Sheep is the best eating.
Heading there next week on friends boat Prince William Sound Blacktail hunt
Next year sheep in Akaska range
Congrats !!!


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Nice sheep and a amazing country. Congrats on a fine animal. Sheep meat is the best eating game there is along with Blacktails from PWS.
Have a hunch you will be back.........


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Thanks for sharing the photos Wayne, awesome views and shots. I lived in anchorage from 82-87 and i had forgotten how beautiful the land is. When i was there there were no billboard signs , everything was pristine.


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Alaska still God's country yep it was so cool to drive 350 miles valdez heck only 3 intersections and no billboards lol Thanks for kind word on pics the sheep tenderloins were out of site, shipping home the straps and had the rest made into 4 kinds of sausage. Already got the halibut home super white meat was lucky and caught a 100 lb barn door, heading back for bear in the spring and fly wife out for rail and cruise I could see why some never leave :cheers:


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akblackdawg said:
Glad to see that your trip went well and that you had a great time.

Thanks :thumbleft: I know why you post things to get a raise out us rednecks to keep us out of Alaska lmao :lol: :lol: :lol: going try a get a airboat ride in next time stay warm this winter :rebel: