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R. I. P.
The run was wonderful as usual. The sausages BIG DADDY brought were cooked over an oak coal fire pit and were excellent. The GATOR was fried to perfection. NICHOLES COOKIES were a diabetics dream come true. There were side dishes out the wawzoo. There was something for everyone. The run through the marsh was great, although stan had a little problem, everyone got out safe and sound with all their stuff. Stan caught an illeagal bass on the way back to the ramp but moodfood released it unharmed back to the river. Well Stans boat caught it anyways just so no one thinks SOUTHERN AIRBOAT members would indulge in any questionable activities. We almost had live music from some really famous drunk guy driving an aicraft boat with short stacks and not even flex pipe on it, the blue flames were nice to look at. I can't remember his name but have no trouble remembering his boat.

We made the rounds starting at the MILK BUS, sliding over to the CATFISH POND/SQUARE POND, hopping across the road to B.S. HILL and slowly cruising in the moonlight back to CAMP MACK. I believe everyone had an excellent time and the crowd of people was significant. I didn't get a boat count so maybe somebody did and will post it.

LETS DO IT AGAIN SOON. Where we going next month??? time to start planning. BIGGER and BETTER thats what these runs are becoming. WE should give some thought to maybe a CHRISTMAS TOY DRIVE incorproated into the next one. Whadda ya"ll think about that ??


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I agree an excellent time was had by ALL. Thank you BIG DADDY for cooking and other helpful duties.

Coming from myself-- A big thank you to Captain Phil Walters, (Newly Elected Florida Airboat Association President) for taking me out on his boat for the Southern Airboat monthly ride. We were pleased to also host guests Bonnie Basham- FAA lobbyist and her husband Justin on Captain Phil's boat. Captain Walters had just completed a grueling month of gator hunting --- had not slept for 24 hrs. when he so graciously rode us around in the nightime on his airboat. Thanks Phil!!!

I love this group! So proud to be a part of SouthernAirboat.com.


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CNTRY, I couldn't agree with you more!! It was a blast!! I'm glad to hear that you got Stan back to the ramp ok. I was running low on fuel and had along trip to make back to the bus and then to Port Hatch so sorry I didn't follow you.

Big Daddy, Gatorgitter, and Faron...your food was excellent!! Thank you for donating and bringing the grub. It was good to see everyone again and meet some new people too!

Basketcase, I'm glad to see that you are happy with your "new" boat...it was impressive.

Jim, if you ever need a ride don't hesitate to call. You give me a lot more compliments on my driving than Nicole :p

Rick and Teresa, I hope your fish enjoy the bread cause they got enough to feed an army.

I am pleased to say that we raised $230 from the sales so we now have a fund of sorts to purchase supplies in the future.

I agree on the toy drive idea, that would be fun and it would make a lot of kids HAPPY!!



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Thanks for the ride Adam, I had a great time. Thanks to everyone for the great food and great time. It was nice to finally meet you.

I have a question for you people. Rick has 160 hp and the motor probably had 2000 hours on it when he put it on the boat. He went everywhere we all went. How does he do that?

Cntry, that is one powerful boat!!



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R. I. P.
Thanks Jim I keep workin on it. Ricks boat is small, light and he knows how to drive it . BPS no problem we had it under control. We had lots of people waiting for us at the other end of the marsh it was no big deal.

AIRBOATING FOR KIDS, good name?? maybe

We need to keep in mind that the yankees will be back in full force so we might want to not go to a crowded place. I believe we can get a better turnout if we have it back at KISSIMMEE again. after all this one should be for the KIDS. Just a thought.

c chardt

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We coould always have another run here in melbourne again and we don't have to worry about snow birds here too much any where is fine.


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I work the St Johns River from St Rd 44 in Deland South to St Rd 46, and all the major lakes in between. We due our joy riding usually from St Rd 46 South to Lonecabbage.
I have to say that chain of waterways in Osceola County is some of the nicest running I've done. We had a great time, and the food was awesome. I'm glad yall enjoyed the Gator.


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I know some people were talking about the next run being down south but I think maybe we need to keep it in a Central location with Countrys idea about a toy run. I think we should skip the month of December because that is a busy month for all. And I know the first weekend on February me and cchardt have to go to Broward county for the FAA meeting and I believe they are having a ride that day as well.


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R. I. P.
WEll unless there is some problem I am not aware of why don't we set it for KISS. again WE could advertise it on all the airboat clubs sites that would let us and maybe make it a competition for which club could raise the most TOYS FOR KIDS. Of course some of us only belong to SOUTHERN AIRBOAT but that is one contest that wouldn't be bad to lose.

The sky at night in the Fall of the year just gets better and better. maybe we could get 200 boats to show up. Rick could bring some long sleeve shirts to sell as well as stickers at 50 maybe a dollar each. Could be a big time.

Ms. Wizard

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Amen to all said here. I had a blast. Thanks to all for the grub, the laughs and the memories.

141: you never let me down! My advice? Keep that little redneck in check.

Chris & Charity, as always you are great roommates. Dakota? You traitor!

Stan & Cheryl, sorry bout your boat and Stan's baptism. Glad you were safe.

Matt & Laura, as always, great company. By the way did anyone check out Mood & Laura's new boat flag? Talk about gettin' your panties in a wad!

Rick & Teresa, Thank you for everything!

To all the members that attended, you are a great bunch! I agree with all on the Toy run.

worn out AKA dawn


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The run from our perspective.

We got to the bus at around 11;00 a.m. and there were a few boats (3) already there. It was super easy to find for our first trip out there. The weather was awesome!!! not too hot, not too windy, Perfect breeze to give fresh air and keep the lake waters calm.

Laura and I pulled up to the lake shore and parked on the Hyacinths where we promptly got stuck. But it was expected since our boat was LOADED down woth all sorts of supplies. I brought 5 or 6 tarps - every one of which ended up getting used for everything from a table cloth for the buffet, to a rain awning during the light rain that came thru, to even a protector/cushion to keep the big fire grating from scratching the paint on BigD's boat. (you can keep that Tarp BigD)

When we first arrived, a kind old gent walked over from his boat and politely informed us that there were going to be a ton of airboaters meeting here later on. I knew he was one of us from that comment. It was Dave from Panther Airboats. What a cool guy!

Laura and I began unloading our gear and scouted the site for the best place to set up a camp. We chose a spot with hard clean ground, no ant nest nearby, a couple of firepits already dug and good trees to lean on, sit under & shade everyone and supply good shelter if bad weather found us. I nailed my big map to a tree for all to use. During afternoon & evening, I saw many over at the map studying it. I'm happy that so many were able to get some use out of that thing.

Some old timers in kick-butt little one seater airboats told us the story of the milk bus as they flirted with Laura. But they left long before the main group of boaters showed up.

It was not long before Cntry, A1mudpuppy & the new basket-bombshell showed up. Airboat4Fun introduced himself and LIVED UP TO HIS NAME!!! Let me tell you - That guy can DRIVE an airboat!!! He was camping over at THomas Landing and We hitched a ride on his killer boat over there to take a tour. Laura had the video camera rolling when he did some 360's in a mud flat, and never lost forward motion - meaning the boar was proceeding on course with the prop first at one point! Dang. that was scarry and so much fun!!! Laura wants to upload the video, but has limited internet connection at her new job. It may take a little time till that is available.

Back at the bus, I saw Rick's boat arrive, but it was only Rick aboard. I was fearing that I'd have to add another skirted stick-figure to my map of the marsh! It turned out that he had parked at the south end of the TONS of boats there.... and I only saw him as he was moving his boat up to the other end of the group. Theresa just walked the line of boats.

The food was AMAZING! I never had such a tasty burger Faron! And the sausages were indeed good. Thanks to all who brought some chow!

We were having such a fun time enjoying the moonset and the nighttime stars, the campfire and the cool breeze off the lake, we decided that we'd skip the marsh ride. Instead, after all the boats had left, we sat in our comfy chairs watching the guys frogging in Tiger Creek Marsh across the lake. The lake was almost perfectly calm that night. We took a quick ride around the edge and out across the lake. It was downright beautiful.

Reluctantly and for some unknown reason, we let BigD & BPS talk us into following them back to Camp Mack. Laura and I were on the edge of deciding to go camping right there on the spot. But once the boat was loaded back up we could not get back to the ramp fast enough. What a great feeling to drive out on such a large open lake on such a calm moonless night!

Back at the ramp we found our laid-back 'no-rush' mentality again. We got to see Stan go swimming unexpectedly and the hole in his motor. I swear there must have been a sniper with a .50 cal rifle out there somewhere. That is what the hole looked like. I was very impressed that SOMEONE (not sure who) carried such a heavy duty towing rig with them. And yes there was a live little bass laying in the back of Stan's boat at the ramp. Funny thing is about that... it was laying up there along with a small shiner. It looks like the shiner jumped into the stern of the boat and the bass followed. I flipped them boath back into the water so they could resume their chase.

Even though we skipped the marsh ride, both Laura & I agree that this was the most fun SouthernAirboat outing ever. If the pattern continues, the next one will be better still.

And we noticed that the list of things that need fixing before the next ride is getting to be a VERY short list! And the boat is performing better and better each time. :)

Thanks to all who were involved, and if you missed this one... Make sure you make the next!!!



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Hey Ya'll,

The run was once again bigger and better!
Was nice putting more usernames to faces. Our boat performed flawlessly on the dry ground, (really good feeling to not have my wife get her feet wet when stopping for a bit)! Dave the Panther was awesome but I won't trade my Diamondback in for one! Airboat4fun, was finally good to see somebody from down South here on the run! (You know that you, Larry, Red Dwarf and I will have to "twist" some arms to get everybody down here for a monthly ride)!

Rick, once again I will thank you and your family for your understanding, hard work and dedication to Southern Airboat! (Betcha' ya'll never thought you'd ever have about 400+ kids to watch after someday)! Adam, good job with organization, (think I'll get ya' a bullhorn for the next run for those of us that are already hard of hearing). Jim, great to finally meet ya and hope to see ya' agin' soon! The evening meal was the best I've ate in awhile, (probably had gator a couple of hundred times but never that good)!

Really impressive to see about 25-30 boats in a "covered wagon" circle at the catfish pond/square pond at night! Awesome job on 141's part to tow Stans boat back, we followed with Stan and Cheryl on our boat from BSHILL to the ramp with our lights on the tow boat. Professional tow's by Country will open soon in an area close to you! I WOULD NEVER LEAVE MY BOAT IN THE MARSH EITHER! (Mood, agreed..I think Trudy took out Stans motor with a high-powered rifle from the road)!

Faron, the Airranger was awesome at night with all the lights on and thank you for the much needed burger.

CCHARDT and Dakota..Thank ya'll once again for your company. Hope my snoring didn't keep ya'll awake!



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I too agree that we had fun. The sad thing is we did not get there until later because of the FAA meeting. We had lunch with Big Daddy and Swampjet(yellerfeller) and we want to say thank you. It was so nice to meet you. Got back and got ready to go. We rode out and got blasted with rain but we made it and was able to dry off.
Good grub and thanks to all the cooks and all who brought out the food. It was a great turn out and was nice to talk to some great people.
We were off to our ride. We got to catfish pond and Big Daddy took out a familiar blue flaming boat. It was nice to see him run it.
Off to BS hill. While crossing the road we got a nice fireworks show being behind Stan. Rick and the last of the pack stayed while we rode on to BS hill.
When we arrived it was a great site seeing all those lights on the hill. We got up there and mentioned Stan had a problem and all were off.
We sat there and sat there until we saw one lonely boat pulling another boat through the marsh SAFELY. They pulled up and we talked for another hour or so. Rick and troops left and myself, Phil and Lauren, Basket and Ms. Basket, Stan and Cheryl, and Country and Marcy were there. We met a nice gentleman from Live Oak and we introduced him to southern airboat.
We were all off again, we led the way and left country and basket to tow the boat SAFELY. We got back to Camp Mack and there was Matt and Laura. Good job Laura for rescuing the boat. LOL

Thanks to Basket and Ms. Basket for dealing with us and no Jeff, we all were so tired that I don't think any of us hear the snoring.

Thanks to Country and Marcy for the entertainment. Like Dawn said country, keep your redneck friend in check even though I like that side of you.

Matt and Laura thanks for stopping by after the ride at our little river house and keeping us company for a while.

Stan and Cheryl, sorry about the boat and thanks to Stan for the show. You are now a stick figure on the map. LOL

Thanks to Rick for starting this great web site and letting all of us airboaters be able to meet one another and have these rides all over the place. I know I would have never left Melbourne to ride the airboat anywhere else. I am so glad that I did leave and I have met all of you. And thanks to Teresa for sticking by Rick and giving him support.

Thanks to all the cooks and people who brought the food. Way to go on raising all that money too!! We are a good group of people!!

And yes Dawn, sorry about the name change. I can use the one we talked about every once in a while as a cover!!!

Hope to do it again soon.

This is AmberGString signing out. :lol:


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I know I sure had a great time. I really enjoy going to the monthly run with you guys. It is always great seeing the new terrain and airboat country.
I think we have a great group of people and It makes me proud to be a part of SouthernAirboat.com's group.
(For some reason I forgot to take pictures this time)

Thanks agian to everyone who showed up.
See yall next run.


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YES It was a great time. I love being out on the water at night. Thanks To everyone I think everyone had a great time.

A Toy run sounds great,but who would we give the toys to? Something to think about

What date would it be, Love to get one more run end before the year end.

Nov. 19th looks to be a good weekend or Dec. 3rd.... even the weekend of Thanksgiving looks good to me, but somepeople will be out of town.

KISSIMMEE would be a great run again , as long as the water stays up but I'll go where every one else goes

Sound like it's time to make a new thread Rick

Daddy Dave

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There are plenty of other beautiful places to run. Citrus County has fabulous riding and CCAA has great in-the-marsh-facillities for gathering and cooking.

Loughman's Lake Lodge seems to ne a natural spot for us and we have not visited there yet. Kissimmee will always be my home waters but it gets real busy during general gun hunting season.


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Where ever you guys want just let us know. I know me and cchardt have never been to Laughman so. Just let us know.


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Cheryl and I want to thank each and every one of you for your kindness, advise,help, laughter and just making us feel special as each and everyone of you are to us. Saturday night will probably be one of my most memerable, likin a roller coaster ride.riding our own boat thru the marsh slipin and sliden not knowing what would be around the next turn to excite me then while negotiating the road crossing engine slings #2 rod , talk about feeling down I felt so bad and didn,t realy know what to do ,didn't know were i was then BigDaddy steped up to the plate and put us on his boat .After about 30 seconds on BigDaddy's Diamond Back I had forgotten all about poor ole southern style we were back putin windin our hair with the sweet smell of avgas in the air gosh what a thrill . after what seemed like forever and not long at all we meet up with the other boats the way they were aranged with there lites on looked like an alien landing site.No sooner then we had stopped cntry141 came and pickup Cheryl and I up from the diamond back and we were off on another adventure to retrieve my boat. With the other boats in tow we made it back to the deserted boat
cntry and others were taking care of buisnes tying ropes and pulleys and in an instant Cheryl and I found ouselves slipin and slidin on the marsh again ridin on cntry's boat and mighty powerfull i might add.Upon reaching BS hill we were greated by the relay team ,after discusin the events we found our selves riding on basketts fine boat followin cntry to Camp Mack there we found mood food and airboat rn waiting for us .
and the finale while baskett made a perfect approch to the landing i was standing on the bow of his boat when the boat bottom rubbed the ramp sending me into the water backwards waking me up and bringing back to reality or did it,again best to you all.


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BIG GIANT HI-5's to you Stan and Cheryl.

Thanks for reminding us that life is only 10% what actually happens to us... and 90% how we react to it!!!