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Happy Birthday Faron


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I was going to post yesterday but with the server thing, I did not want to get it lost. I hope you had a great day yesterday!!
Geez. I can't even remember when I was 26. :?

Just kidding, Faron. Congratulations, and many more.


Hope you had a happy birthday :eek:ccasion7:

I also see that awesome picture of you on a Diamondback airboat made it to S.A. :D

Is your boat gonna get built faster now :wink:

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Happy birthday faron, 26, thats insane man, If I was only 26 again and knew what I think I know now LOL. Many more man.
Happy Birthday Faron ! Just take em as they come, they add up no matter what ya do. enjoy them while the number is still small LOL !


Yolks like us was never 26, we was borne 40 LOL