Harry's Camp , Giving back to the Marsh


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Giving back to our Marsh. Well SJRAA will be out this Saturday to donate our time and money to replace the deteriorating kick plate and decking inside the screened porch at Harry's camp. We all have stopped there one time or another to get out of the weather or just a nice layover before a long ride and we all know that Harry welcomes all that shows up at the camp.
Volunteers are needed to help in this worthy cause. We will be cooking also so come on out and help if you can, or just come out and enjoy the beauty of our Marsh.
[/size=100] Call me 321-961-7468 if you have any questions, and thanks from St. Johns River Airboat Association.


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:dontknow: just saw your post I was out there all day just went to the Pontoon Camp and hit the Camps south, sure would have helped if found out sooner, I'm always rebuilding platforms out there, since the State doesn't have it in the Budget anymore :cheers:
Well we did get a good start in it


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