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hay thunder

frank w.

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there is a retired old man at my work. thats got lycoming 150 he says that he changed crank and put angle valve cylenders on it and had to shave pistons. i saw the boat run and it had plenty of nut . he said it 220 horse sound right if so what it werth ball park on beat up 10 goar hull. the other thing is hue doe kind of work around palmbay melbourne he was machenist
thunder would be the one to ask, but just for a idea mine is a 4 banger continental case I am not sure if the crank was changed but cylinders are 470 angle valves supposed to put out 180hp and I am swinging cowboys 68x38 prop like it isn't even there on a heavy 12 glass hull and three people

Spell check :D man this site has the best spell check over all of them I have seen . right below the box you type the message in there in a box you need to check for spell check then the misspelled word light up yellower........... in my case the whole screen :lol:
On a slight tangent from the subject: what did you do to your 4cyl. Continental?
The 150hp on my boat is OK, but you know that somewhere down the line the song's gonna be Mo power, MO power, MO POWER!
Rich Andrews are you the same rich i met at the kicker boat camp the day that you and your Friend shot his engine stand with pistol
my bad the man i met had a caddy boat nice Guy fed me so good tender deer told me his name was rich and that was how he posted
dog gone it i was hoping it was rich the famous FSU place kicker who shot the riggin can you say wide right :lol:
yeah, I 've been known to feed a head or 2, even supply some cold beverages now and again......if we met, I'm sure you would remember...............unless it was past 2AM. Then your allowed to forget.