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Head Count

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The Big Gobbler asked me to post this and see if we can get somewhat of a head count of all the people coming. We want to make sure we have enough of everything. Thank you!!!


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just me :cry: but i will be carting around the carpshoter crew.and i heard he is bringing half of michigan. :shock:


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Bonds will be toting 4 of us
that 4 more meeting us at the BBq and party

yeah bonds is right half of Michigan good thing 5 of them are kids under 12


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I will be there of COURSE!!!!!, my daughter April & grandson Matthew,
Faith Vollgrebe, Glenn Brandon & Ricky Kuepker

5 1/2 from Palm Beach County Airboat & Halftrack Conservation Club

& I'll be putting my leg out to see if I can be picked up for the garbage pickup
& then later I'll be asking you for your $$$ for the raffle airboat.
(later, yeah right, before during & after!)

Mary Ann Westwood



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Whitebear, Danny did not go by the other thread. Heasked me to post a new thread that way we know. So if you are coming please post on this thread so we know. Thank you.

Myself, Chris and maybe my daughter.


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R. I. P.

I made THIS thread a Sticky so everyone sees it.

Everyone please coordinate headcount with Dakota, I'll lock the other headcount thread.



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Count me & Julie in, we are staying at Camp Mack campground all weekend so stop in or look for Dixie Thunder Camp # 50 , see all of ya :D
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