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help caribou hunt or moose hunt?


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I want to do a self guided moose or carribou hunt. I have friends in alaska but none hunt. I'm looking to fly into anchorage rent a truck and willing to drive a few hours to get some where worth hunting. My plan is to hike/camp few miles a day. I was going to hunt General season and was thinking 16a or b hunt area. I've heard there isn't slot if carribou in that area. I'm not worried about be successful on hunt just want the experience. Any help or info to get me started is much appreciated.


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Caribou tags on the road system generally have to be applied for by december. You can get them off the haul road but need to hike/fly/boat minimum of 5 miles off road to shoot unless archery, they can hunt the road. also a hunt around Chicken that tags are available for, usually use atv there, opens aug 25th i think. i'm sure bk and others will chime in with more hunt info. Moose on the other hand, tags for a lot of areas are available, they are more difficult to find, success isn't as high as with bou and bull only unless some sort of special hunt. Just some ideas to consider.


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No bou in unit 16.
Moose area is hunted hard by guys with cabins all along the river system. Its also flat terrain with antler restrictions meaning you can call them in and might have a second or couple seconds to determine if he's legal. Very tough hunting area even for a resident.
Many prefer to hunt farther north along the road system in unit 20 with less antler restrictions and mountains to glass from. There are a few drawing areas that are for nonres only, such as yourself. Again, as stated above these hunts need to be applied for by dec 15th of last year.
Success will go up if you can fly out to a remote location, animals #‘s will go, less people, most likely more of the experience you are looking for. Not to deter you from your goal but the odds are not that good in the unit you are asking about for someone without local knowledge and equipment as this area is only accessable by boat or plane, for the most part.


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eazy89 said:
Thanks guys I appreciate the help. I may be picking your Brains for me info later.

I'll be duck hunting most of sept but may do a little moose hunting then, will plan on some moose hunting in August. Depending on my situation at the time, may have room for a passenger, keep in touch.