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Help! Leave me alone!


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I am so sorry!

Brought you down here, maybe unable to provide the resources to get you back home!!!!

Lost my cell phone one hour after you left today! You know my power and Broadband service statis as of this morning!

Probably will have no outside communication to the wotrld as of tomorrow morning!

Southern Airboat>>> Thank you for the ride and my best friends for a long while!

We are fine....will struggle for awhile!!

Gotta work tomorrow..Kin git in the driveway after your help with the 4-wheel drive, so we're fine. Either move the residents ot the Heritage Healthcare where Ms. Basketcase works back to Naples from Ft. Myers or try to do damage asessement for Marco Island.
Uncle Bubba...came through Okechobee and Labelle and Imokalle last night at 12 P.M.< (Very bad devastion the whole ride),

Are you alright!

Airboaters rock the world!!!!!!

Glad to hear that everything is ok, but we need for you to invest in some rope to tie everything to you so you will quit losing every thing :lol: . We went down to vero tonight and boy the lines for gas glad that I don't have to go threw that again. hope your doing good if you need any thing give us a call
Jeff - on the drive home, I could not think of a way to sincerely get this thought across... I'll just say this.... AND I MEAN IT!!!:

THANK YOU for allowing me to take part in such an adventure! I HAD A BLAST! I'd do it again in an instant. No kidding there.

It was so beautiful Monday night, along the shore of Lake O to be on that bridge top, nearly alone on the highway and look out and not see a single 'glow of city lights' on the horizon. I never saw so many stars in the dark moonless sky. Only hours after the storm had passed.

It was educational to witness the devastation a storm can cause. To make it look like a Minnesota winter - having all the leaves stropped from the trees. Although there was no snow on the ground, the ground was covered with water still the same.

Even though I kinda shrugged it off when you said it... you were right... I WAS having fun, driving my 4WD ALL OVER your yard - dragging those big logs you made with your chainsaw. You're gonna have some good fires in that awesome firepit for a long time!

As far as I know, it was the first use of OUR new helpline - AHA (Airboaters Helping Airboaters). It was kind of you to help me out with your creditcard at the gas pump and I have to say - You make a wicked breakfast burrito!!!

I left your house with what my guage said was a half tank of gas. When we were at your local gas station, it SUCKED to have the car in front of me in the gas line to get the LAST of the gas!!! You saw that one. But as I drove back thru that devastated area, by Moore Haven ( SW shore of Lake O ) I was out of gas. I had the gas in cans in the bed of the truck, but I wanted to save that for emergency. I needed a full tank. I waited an HOUR & A HALF in a gas line... only to have the car in front of me get the last gas AGAIN!!! :( So the emergency gas got me to Lake Placid... and guess what!!!??!! :) I got about 7/8ths of a full tank... and the gas ran out. JUSTICE!!! :D It got me home.

If it wasn't for the 5 hour commute to work - I'd trade you yards. You have an awesome lot! I do not doubt that you could get your boat up on plane in that 4 foot deep "puddle". :p Heck - I could get my boat up on plane in that 200 foot long puddle! (even my kicker boat!)

Jeff - if you suddenly vanish from SAO - We'll know this tree finally brought down your power and CATV line.

One thing I just thought of - It's gonna take out your fence too. And possibly ELECTRIFY it!!! LOOK OUT!!! Is there a fire danger there?

You are not out of danger Jeff. STAY SAFE!!!! Do not worry at all about some job. The whole area is out of commission for a few more days AT LEAST. Take care of your own first. Then you'll be in better shape to help others.

Thanks again for letting me tag along on the adventure. Thanks to Southern Airboat for making it possible in the first place!


I got the tree off the powerline earlier tonight, (it did take down the cable line that I'm on right now, but you know how us rednecks are...if I have pliers and a ladder I can fix anything)!

As I will fall asleep to the sound of generators once again tonight I do realize how blessed I am! (No power on both streets that are adjacent to mine). We will have no phone for weeks and no progress on getting a new cell phone but we are alive and well.

The Airboaters Helping Airboaters did indeed work! (I know absolutely no one in Orlando besides you but knew that I needed to get that far to be safe with the rig I was in)! I was so relieved when you called me, even though the Orlando area was already getting torrential rainfall you stopped what you were doing and helped me out! NEVER WILL BE ABLE TO REPAY!

I know first hand what a good helpin hand fills like. The wife and I lost everything last year in Charlie. The only thing we had was the close that was on are back. I was lucky that I had friends famliy to help me. It has been a long hard road for me and Tonya but just stay strong. I'm not as far as Matt so if you need any help with anything please let me know.
Larry this gose for any of yall down that way to.
You are most Welcome Jeff! As I said, it was a pleasure and I'd do it again. It looks like some great areas of boating down there... but maybe those were just storm floods. Either way, I'll enjoy draggin my boat down there next time!

I was not alone in thinking of you. Sunday night, I was reaching for my phone to call you and was kind of surprised to have it beep in my hand - cchardt & Dakota were calling me on Nextel to ask if I had your cell # and if I could check in on ya. I took the opportunity to check in with them to make sure they did not need anything. We all stick together!

I'm so glad you got that tree off the line. :)

I suppose I'll see you next at the FAA ride (where ever it ends up being) sometime around the start of Feb. And maybe if we have a new years eve ride in Lake Kissimmee.

And you ALREADY did repay me Jeff. You fed me and my truck's fuel tank while you took me on such a fun adventure. By the way, I got better mileage towing your boat with a tailwind than I did driving back with no boat and a headwind. And your boat tows like a dream! I'll post the story about when the deputy stopped us in another topic. I learned info there (RE: the mounting of a trailer tag) I think all ought to know. I was towing a SUPER nice boat, not registered to me, I could not find my own regristration, the officer said he was worried about stolen boats... but after he ran my license and verified my CWP he let us along our way.

Heh - I've been pulled over a dozen times since I got my CWP and it DOES work!!! I have not even gotten a ticket for anything... including going 65 mph in a 25 zone!!! Take the gun safety class and send the $120 (or so) and get your permit!

And Bubba - I thought about ya when I was driving home. I came up hwy 27 thru Sebring. I hope to get the chance to meet you and say hi at one of these monthly runs. Glad you dodged the bullet on Wilma! Try to make plans to go on the Feb FAA ride!

Hey Ya'll,

Had to dig to find this one!

This is what the Southern Airboat group of "Airboaters Helping Airboaters" is all about. I almost lost everything here last year but...

Thanks again to Mood the "basketboat" and crew are fine.

PLEASE everyone join S.A.'s Airboaters Helping Airboaters!

We saw firsthand last year there is no other system in place for emergencies such as hurricanes or even getting unstuck!