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Help!?! Never Been Frog Giggin' and I need some advise!


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OK... At the risk of revealing what a true Yankee I really am, I have to ask.... What do you put frogs in when you gig em'??? I know this must sound like a totally stupid question.... but humor me... I'm doing a painting that is depicting the Flight 401 Crash.... and I need to know for my painting what Bud would put frogs in... bag?? bucket??? basket??? gym shorts pocket??? And since I've never had the chance to go myself... (which sounds like tons of fun btw)... I have to exchange a little of my pride for some information... So.... Help a Yankee out will ya???

(Painterchic) :D
Well if you look at Bud's boat you will see a tube in the front of his boat. This is a frog chute. You gig them and then place the tip of the gig in the chute. The chute has a small area cut out that when you pull the gig back the frog is press up against the chute . The gig slides out and the frog drops into a container. Looks like Bud used a Old style laundry bag( net like, mess bag) to collect his frogs.. You never have to reach down an pull the frog off by hand. You just keep on moving forward. Cowboy just posted a good Pic og Buds boat at Diamondback Airboats.
i say a neted or mesh bag atatched to the bottom of the frog chute with a draw string. hope this helps ya painterchic :wink:
Thanks guys! Very helpful!

I have to admit though, I'm almost disappointed that I didn't get any smart remarks... I was ready for them! I figured that I would have to defend myself about being transplanted to NY and all that good stuff... I even half expected someone to threaten to kick me off SAO just cuz I hadn't gone giggin'! :lol:

Oh yeah... one other thing... I did see the pic that Cowboy posted of Buds boat... Thats the one I've used for the most part.... kind of tricky when it comes to the engine though.... since its a bit gone.... now I'm playing a guessing game on that, since I don't see and really good pics of Buds engine.... everything is backwards to my painting! So I'm just gonna wing it and hope nobody looks at that part too close....lol

I don't even have a boat! I have to beg and plead to get somebody to take me out on one when I do get to go down to FL! Poor Bondsman usually draws the short straw on that one... lol he's a pretty good sport about it though.... I think my cousin (his wife) makes him take me out....lol Just Kidding Sam!

wouldn't want to disappoint you you about the smart remarks but a long as your just a Yankee and not a d*** Yankee we will leave you alone :D

I bet Bondsman don't mind taking you riding that just gives him a excuse to get the boat out and go he is just playing it down so his better half thinks he is doing something for her :lol:

For your engine pictures look in john's or my picture gallery I forget where we put them but some of the first picture show the engine and stand up close if you don't find them let me know and I will get you a copy tomorrow when I feel better
OK... I have to ask what would qualify me as a D*** Yankee.... I want to make sure I don't cross the line.... if I haven't already without knowing it!.. As for your smart remarks Goldhunter.... you must be REALLY feeling down.... I almost feel sorry for you!.... notice the ALMOST in there.... :D

Bondsman is a pretty good guy no matter how hard of a time I give him... and I know he uses me as an excuse to take his boat out... and I'm OK with that!... Whatever it takes!!!... well ok.. maybe not WHATEVER... you know what I mean... I'm not THAT kind of girl! Geez... :roll:

Painterchic I will take you on the boat if you want to go frog gigging done asked Jenna she dont care
Thanks Cont520! That's very nice of you! I'm only gonna be able to be down for the Airboat Show for a couple of days this trip... I fly in late friday night and have to fly back out on Sunday night.. another odd question though... and you can laugh if you want.... is there a "frog" season or can you go anytime?? Tell Jenna I said thank you for the offer!
Catch me if you can!!!

if you are gonna stay later after we ride after the show i will bring my gig for you tonia if anyone is going giggin that night and you wan't to stay on the river to stick some green.of course i won't be out to the wee hours cause i will have the whole crew wife and kids.but sure gonna be fun riding after the show.it will be the same sceanery you saw when i took you out a couple weeks ago,ecept i dont think they will be climbing the dike.and we will be on the look out for the phantom kayaker(sp). :D
I don't know whats going on yet Sam, I'm just kind of letting the trip go where it wants to at this point... so long as I make both my planes and the airboat show, I'm pretty easy to get along with! I just want to have fun... I sound like Cindy Lauper now.... I'm getting old... lol but frog giggin' does sound like fun!
PC....Don't let the Y word get you down...I've got one from Poughkipsea (sp) and she loves it all...now, she's a gator huntin fool...One note on Bud's boat picture...it looks like his boat may be a single center rudder Glades style...different from most now-a-days.
Oh yeah... I could definitely get into gator hunting! That has always sounded like fun to me! But to get a tag down there isn't it a lottery of some sort? Or am I thinking of someplace else... hunting for something else entirely... I used to deer hunt up here with my dad, both bow and shotgun, until I started working in the bodyshop and "deer season" brought on a whole new meaning! Now I don't have the time to go. Those were the days....

By the way... thank you for the info on the rudder... now can any one tell me what all the numbers on the rudder are??? I can make out some of them, but there's a few that are a little questionable...