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Help Please


Hello everyone. My wife and I recently moved to Alabama from Florida. Yes I left my airboats behind :( . What I am trying to find out is there anywhere in the northern part of the state to run an airboat? Does anyone know? I thank everyone in advance for the help.

Definately! First you gotta take this test to prove to us you're really from Alabama!
http://www.southernairboat.com/phpBB2/v ... ht=alabama

Lake Guntersville to start with! (Over in the Scottsboro area). My Granddaddy was from that area and usta' fish the lake in his. Harvey and Sniper are close to you. I have an uncle that lives there still, our member ABennett is from that area too. There's more, I'm sure someone else will chime in here.

Here's a thread on some riding there. Hopefully soon I'll get the boat up there sometime too.
http://www.southernairboat.com/phpBB2/v ... ht=alabama

Hope this helps.

Thanks for the info. I took that little tset and it was 100% so i guess i am from alabama. I have found out that the noise regulation in this state is 86 dbl. maybe some one else who has been here to alabama and rode will chime in and talk to me.My biggest thing is that i dont wanna build another boat and not be able to ride anywhere around here.

Lake Eufaula on the Alabama Georgia line is awesome just stay out of the federal Wildlife management area they don't like Airboats there
yeah i know how that goes we had some of them in fla. what kind of prop are you running and how about the exhuast ...I am trying to find out about the 86 dbl now and where they taking that reading from