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how about a race


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i don't have a boat to race but its fun to watch the water is coming up and the pastures are flooded and the water is skinny among those areas i say we get a race going on i hope we can get one going it will be fun
be patient t21...If you get that e-185 boat you can race johnny to stone bridge :D
Dave missed you guy's on Sat my phone went dead right after I got off the phone with Matt at the show
There are several places we can organize a race, just not sanctioned unless someone wants to host on their property. There is Hernando lake, Withlachoochee River, Lake Harney, several places in Kissimmee, Orange and Lockloosa, etc. Lets do it, there are alot a race boats sitting collecting dust with alot of scores to settle- SecretweaponIGSO :lol: :lol:
Well they had a hill race planned for November at the Cocoa Expo, but someone told me that it was canceled do to insurance reasons. That Sucks.... :x