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How Dry is everyone.


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We are pretty dry here in Melbourne. Now the Lake Washington Dam is fixed I bet the StJohns North of it will be mud within a week. My canal is so dried up you gota run 200 yards of black mud just to get to the lake. I have never seen it like this before. Somebody actually got buried and left their boat in the middle of the mud. Then the another boat couldn't drive around the abandoned airboat and got stuck next to it. I had to pull them out just so I could get to the lake. We need rain!
dryer than a popcorn fart they used to say. It is bad for airboating and froggin but real good for surveying so i guess it all works out, new condo's comin soon to your neighborhood LOL
That ain't funny Country now that it's dry they are trying to rezone the marsh near the lake from county to city and you know what that means. It will take so much fill to fill in the marsh and swamp that there is no way they could sell a home for less the $1,000,000 and turn a profit. And we all know once 1 million dollar homes go up the first thing the new residents want to regulate is boaters. I have lived my whole life in Florida and I have seen it a 101 times now.
they opened the locks at the northwest corner of farm 13 so the water is coming up a little bit way to the south of melbourne.
Crazy dry right know.The ride I have planned for us on the 20th is going to be interesting :twisted:
You're right about that, Skeeter. If we don't start gettin some rain soon we'll have to put buggy wheels on the boats at the Quiet Airboat Demo on the 20th.
Runnin dry won't give us the sound numbers I'm hoping for.

I was taking some people for a ride the other day and watched a Cow walk across the main channel of the river (North of 520 headed to Possum Bluff). Cow never got deeper than his knee. 3 things I have noticed

1. It is dry.

2. The channels seamed to have changed a lot. Sand where there wasn't and so forth. I assume it is from the storms.

3. I think I am starting to feel about 4 wheelers as some do about airboats. 8) (At least on the river). Though I may just go ahead and bring my buggy in and run with them :twisted:
Lake George loves dry weather makes for skinny water for about a hundred yards out for at least half way around the lake , anyway it will be good for the cleanup and poker run on the 13th of may.
Well let me tell yall here in oklahoma we have got about 2 inchs rain in 8 or 9 months it is suppose to rain today, it is soooooo dry i saw a Jackrabbit carrying a canteen just to get to the next water hole!!!!! The wheat crop is gone if it dont rain soon wont be any other crops planted its lookin very bleak here, as for the boat project I may have to just park it and forget about it, its gotten to be one of those what the heck was i thinking things i get myself into. lol
Okie, I grew up in farm country. I know how it hurts folks when the rains don't come. Sorry to hear about Oklahoma ..... we're in no better shape here.
It used to rain here every afternoon around 3 o'clock. You could almost set your watch by it. Folks didn't even worry about carrying an umbrella. Twenty minutes of rain, sun comes back out .... that's it. The plants stayed green, the lakes stayed full, and life was good.

We haven't seen that pattern down here now for several years. Where I live in N. Florida, we've had one shower in the last 5 weeks.

I will try to send some water your way we have lots of it here in Georgia it has been raining a lot here lately.
Skeeter should I bring my four wheeler for the 20th ride ??? Lake kiss & lake george are good during dry times. Lake george would be an excellent location for so impromptou operation. it has a good hard sand botton with about 2 to 4 inches of clear water on it and plenty of shade trees to park under and picinic.

Thunder the condo thing really isn't funny but sadly it is true. The drying of the marsh has little or nothing to do with the development of it. I just had a go round with water managment in hardee county on a site with an un permitted borrow pit. I tried to tell the owner he was getting into the wtlands and he assured me he wasn't and long story short he was after the scientist got done and he gets to pay for me and the engineer and the re-building of them he will know a wetland when he sees one next time.

Feather it rained hard up there around daytona last weekend actually twice lots of lightning and wind and rain, it was awesome saturday night and sunday. The afternoon storm pattern will not start until june or july and typically it ends in sept or oct. We have not had as much in some years past although last two years was pretty wet. I work outside all the time so i notice the weather changes. I also design retention systems so I plan for wet times and last couple of years my systems were peaking at design levels with plenty of freeboard for major events left.

Our water will return and plenty will find their houses in the lakes just like over around lake wales right now even as dry as it is the lakes are up same in other areas along the ridge ... the aquafer is coming back to old levels after it fell about 20 years ago. i was cutting cypress then in the glades and in other areas the fires literally burned the muck outta the swamps and we got some huge old heart cypress logs out before the rains started. But mother nature reclaims things as she sees fit and some folks are gonna be very surprised.

I remember you talkin about logging way back when near the Fackahatchee down here in Collier County. Went down 41 last weekend and amazed to see a couple of the airboat tours along 41 closed! Nothing but dry sand beds. Saw mangrove swamps dry to the bone, (that don't matter anymore though cause they're filling em' in and building condos on them here).

Saltwater running down here is looking better everyday!

Okie, A canteen? :laughing3: Hope ya'll get some rain too!

Saw some gators walking across Loughman Lake they didnt look to happy :evil: If we dont get some rain soon we all may have to put in at Hatbill Saturday afternoon.(May 20th)
The Peace River here in Hardee it's so dry you can walk down the river and you may get your knees wet. If you fall down. The boat ramp in Wauchula the end is hi and dry.
Cntry, your post is reassuring. I know Mother Nature runs in cycles ... I'm just not as patient as I need to be sometimes.

In all seriousness, Jim Brown and I are starting to look at a possible "Plan B" postponement date for the Quiet Demo that is set for three weeks from now. There isn't any reason to have the thing if we can't do it right. Thinking is that it will be easier to change the date than it would be to try and change the location.

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Water is really low for riding,but I think yall will be fine for the testing.Theres plenty of skinny water in Loughman Lake.Its just getting to and from thats the tricky part.
Yes sir its drier than a popcorn fart. (Hope that didn't offend anyone). That little rain we got in the Daytona area didn't do a thing :(

Stan, Is that dry part around the Glenn and Juniper Run? How are the springs looking?
Juniper run the glen are flowing cool clear water.Havent been to salt springs in a while maybe croc could give us an update. Area from volusia bar to the glen is skinny and clear shallow water.It is truely the land of ever flowing waters.
Feather ,the airboat demo will do Just fine on the 20th at loughman the lake ain't dryyet.