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how many are giong to make it

how many are gioing to make it

  • yes , going but not staying

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  • no, not able to make it

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  • camping out at the milk bus

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Tide Runner

Well-known member
I plan at this time on going ... but I'll mostlikly camp where I usually do at the picnic tables.. unless someone beats me there :twisted:


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Nicole and I are going but won't be staying all night. The marsh has a lot of water (too much IMO) so the riding should be good.



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Me and Ms Basketcase to camp,(brrr)! Possibly 2 more lonely souls with us!

Ace's, I know the banks will all be closed on Monday...Possibly even government offices.



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Well, it turns out Laura has to work a 12 hour shift at the hospital Friday night, so New Years eve morning I'll be parking the airboat in the parking lot of the Winter Haven hospital waiting for her shift to end so I can drag her tired person on an airboat party camping trip. WHAT A TROOPER! :D

Needless to say, we won't be early. Hospital shifts end at 7:30 but it'll be nearly 8 a.m. by the time she get's out. And we'll have to stop by her Winter Haven home to gather her stuff. A fast haul to Thomas Landing, and we ought to be out at the bus by about 10. (wishful thinking, isn't it?)

I hope every one else is late.

I'm still planning on bringing tarps-a-plenty, rope, etc in case of rain because we're going camping rain or shine! Also bringing chainsaw, and fire building stuff.

Cntry - did you get your boat figured out? Are you still going? I hope so. I'm bringing that Pelican waterproof case for your camera.

I'm looking forward to seeing EVERYONE out there. It's going to be a good new years! :)



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I'm going and will be staying at Camp Mack from Friday through Monday with four other people on boat. :wav:


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planing on being there ,friend and his wife are bring there boat also ,camping sat and sunday night