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how much does it cost?

Repairs are cheep, self repairs are dirt cheep, a rebuild is way more work than making a new hull.

I have done the same thing and it's lots of work, however since I had less money than time it was the only way I would continue being a boat owner. You will get good at recognizing delaminated glass and grinding it out (not fun!), and be careful when the stringers are out because your boat will end up whatever shape its in when you glass the new stringers in (dips, twits etc). If there are fine cracks in the gelcote though even epoxy primer and Endura wont hide them for long, the same cracks will show up again in short order (just cosmetic). I have also herd that re-gelcoating is not easy. Meant to be sprayed on a female mold. :wink: I have never done gelcoat so I cant help there. Just Paint the bottom with an Epoxy anti-friction coating! 8)
Ok if your going to put in new stringers yourself then you already know that fiberglass has to be rough sanded to get glass to stick back to it again. Gell coat is no different. That smooth finish is a product of a polished mold. When you sand it then re coat it with gellcoat you lose that finish. Further, gell coat will not kick completely until all air is removed from contact. There is a poduct that will allow you to do this. It is called Waxall and essentially floats a thin coat of wax on top of the new coat of gell coat. It will set but that glassy smothe finish is no more. To get that back you will have to hand sand and buff for an eternity. Its not too bad on a repair but to do the whole boat is an incredible amount of work.

Inside gellcoat is no different except that you arent looking for the glassy finish. You still have to grind/sand it so the new coat will stick and thats a job.


* Paint. You can use regular enamel but it will chalk and fade in a season, and eventually will flake off. There is a two part epoxy paint that might stick to the hulls slick outside finish especially if you wet wipe the hull with acetone just beofre you spray the new paint on. This stuff will still fade but is a harder, better finish than regular enamel. There is some other stuff that is used for heavy equipment like the paint on a CAT bulldozer. It is suppoised to be second to none for abrasion and wear. I have never used it but that might be something to look into.

* Buff & polish the external Gellcoat. A lot of work but cheeper than recoating the surfaces.

* Might use some kind of bedliner spray like Rhinoliner on the iside. Drawback is its heavy and adds a LOT of weight. It is also slick as snot-on-a-glass-doorknob, if ya spill anything the least bit oily on it. You may bust your tail end in the boat later on.

No matter how you cut it you or someone else is in for a hell of a lot of serious hard work.

In my mind that has to be a labor of love.