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I finally got one !


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I just picked up my new ride, a 12' 8" Gilileo with a sbc dd . It's in good shape and runs great, Long drive to go get it but well worth the trip. So now I have the mini, a 12' apache hull and this thing. so does that make me an official airboater yet or do I have to sink it first before I can claim to be an airboater? It's not a hill burner but it will drive across my yard with out any problem. I won't be running dry up here so this should work ok for my application.

NorthWest, you were always an airboater ...... now you've got a ride you can take some folks with you on.
Tune that thing up and ride with us up at Lake Seminole Mar. 25. That's an easy tow for you. What, 45 minutes ?

Congratulations ..... that's a very cool boat. Happy for ya :D .
looks like closer to a 3 hour drive. I would but I am going to Atlanta for the nascar race so that pretty much eats up my free play pass for the month, know what I mean.