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I Need To Talk To A Gator Hunter That Uses Crossbow


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I need to talk to someone that knows some about using crossbows on gators. I know alot of folks don't think much of the idea, but there are some folks out there that uses crossbows and I need to talk with a couple. Please email me so I can call and talk to you. Thanx, Cajun cooters@tampabay.rr.com
Hey cajun, I hunted with one in the past,dont know if I can help you or not, we went back to a regular compond bow or the harpoon now.

Depending on what shows you come to I will be glad to give you any information you may need. We are sponsored by Horton and mfg anything you would need for the crossbow. Let me know.
Thanx, yea if my ticker keeps on ticking right I'll probably make some of the siminars. Later, Cajun