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I thimk I'm going about this wrong


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Well i have been tell you guys what i think will work. That has not really been working out .so I'm going to tell you guy what i want out of my mini and see what y'all think will work. I'm looking for some thing to get me up in to shallow Creeks so i can red fish in the winter. I want a deck to stand on the front and be able to go at least 20mph. what size hull would work for me. and a engine. I have been looking at snowmobile engine does any body know about the rotax 440 or 600.
Why not try a VW engine? They are light weight, air cooled and direct drive. The one below had a 10 foot x 5 foot hull and was it ever heavy. It would easily do 30 mph with two on board. I'd get a hull with higher sides but the engine would be great on a 10 foot x 6 foot hull. Parts are still made new and everything is cheap. This one was a 1600 cc, 65 horse power but for a little more you can pump those up a lot. The prop cost me more than the engine.

josh after all your questions I'd say your best bet would be just to get a small boat with a small aircraft engine on it. The amount of engineering and reduction units you aren't really gonna save a whole lot of money considering you can get a GPU or 4 cyl for 3 grand or less.
Since your ideas for a boat aren't that stringent there are a lot of boats out there ready to roll for less then 5k. I got my first 10' x 6' aluminum sled stainless bottom with a 160 hp lycoming with trailer for 3500 bucks turn key ready!(that was just in the last 2 years).
Get you a cheap boat to get you rolling now and then play with engineering in your off time that way at least you can get on the water.
Josh, I agree on buying your first boat and experiment later. I sold that heavy yellow boat for $3500 and paid $2500 for the one below. It was a 10 x 6 Gilileo with a Lycoming O-290. It was fast and fun.