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I'm Building 2 Stossel Boats with High Torque Motors


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Wait what? I had to sleeve my drain holes, used brass sleeves from West Marine and epoxied them in..... Drain plugs were too loose when I got the hull. Guess I'll be taking them back out if that's what it causes. Dammit!!!!!! Ugh

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It’s because the boat ran brackish and salt water for 30 years and then it drained to the stern and was trapped under the poly each night. The pitting on the rake caps is stainless vs. aluminum, aluminum looses.

Brass vs. aluminum and aluminum looses too.

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Got movement on this project, but first a side trip. Nothing like a new "future project" to move the present future project forward...

I got a can't pass it up deal on a half finished, new 21' douglas fir & epoxy mullet boat, talk about a perfect boat for Ocean Poly... Gonna be a few years before I do anything with this, but I had to motivate the airboat project to make room. Anything other than airdrive, I'm all ears on what to do with this:





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End result, got 6 buddies over (one owns a bobcat) and we got the mullet boat on the boat stand and the blasted airboat hull on the trailer so I can handle it myself for a bit.



The trailer may look big now, but trailer mods are part of the plan for sure. More than likely as much extra fuel as the single axle can handle.