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I'm tired of my 383 already


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Well once again I find myself bored with my motor. After a few nights of brain storming me and Felber have came up with a combination that will develop over 400ft pounds of torque @ 1,300RPM and over 600ft pounds of torque at 4,000RPM and over 630 HP @ 6,000. I will speak to Terry at ABW about doing an article on this combination and all our dyno testing. After the dyno pulls I will then test it on my boat. After I beat on it for at least a 100 hours and find out it's as reliable as I think. I will start selling this wicked combination to airboaters. This motor is also based on the LS1. I fully expect to have it at the March Southern Airboat run. Felber and myself have already seen over 650HP reliable horse power with this combination. I just want to do more testing on an airboat before selling it. I have also been talking to an airboat manufacture about offering this motor with a warranty package.
Water - That should be a beast. You need to offer a set of spurs with it to help the driver keep it from getting away from them.
marshmaster pat":3neorfw6 said:
Water - That should be a beast. You need to offer a set of spurs with it to help the driver keep it from getting away from them.

That's why the good Lord helped us invent throttle return springs...All we have to do is let off the throttle just before someone sh#ts their pants. ;)

Felber - Throttle Return Springs, :idea: I might have to look into a set of those. I have been using my boot heel to pull the pedal back up and throttle the engine back. :shock:

With an engine like that, for many of us, we would be letting off the throttle after we messed in our pants. :D Would be fun just to see how that rig would run. I don't think I have driven any SB yet with HP over 400 and that was an awesome machine.

Guess I just need the winning lotto ticket.
That's a great question. but only way I can think of grtting it is with supercharger, or could you use small turbo and keep flat torque to 4500 rpm?
under pressure":2ih3i57u said:
Hey Thunder,How many pounds of boost do you need at 1,300 RPM'S to make 400 lbs. of torque???????????

That depends on the VE% of the engine combination at that RPM, it's efficiency as well as the efficiency of the pump (Turbo/s, Centrigal Blower, Roots/Positive displacement) and it's air inlet temperature just to name 2% of the formula. That's if we're referring to boost. :)

Thanks for the offer Chris but I think Croc offered take it off my hands first. I’m actually thinking about building a boat for my wife and putting the 383 on it for her, either that or a big inch big block depends on how big of a boat I build her.
Thunder I'll give up the old one if I can be the test dummy for the new one I'll do all the tests except the one lips did :p
Sure thing! I am looking forward to this King of the Marsh race to bad my boat and Jay’s will be the only boats there that have seen more then just the river. It should be fun Mathew and Jay will be hilarious I just hope some of the other guy’s race. Tell Mathew that Jay only accepts cash and he better bring some. HE-HE-HE. I can’t wait to hear how everybody’s boat is at a disadvantage. You know the old saying run what brung and only one person brought enough!