Insight on "New" Boat


Hey Guys!

About to purchase a 11x6'3 hull and Im planning on powering it with a 4.3 Vortec. The hull was built by Mike Lowe (has anyone heard of that builder or name?) and seems to look pretty good. The boat has no poly but for glades riding I don't think I should need it immediately as I will be building the boat slowly over the next year. Im open to other motor suggestions for that boat.

Any personal opinions would be greatly appreciated!
I figured I would be cutting it close, ill start looking for an av motor.
For those hull dimensions a Lycoming O-320 (150 hp) with a 66" NGQ (maybe 68") would be my go-to. O-320's can be found for $2-3K and would have to be proven good for me to go $5K. If you find an angle valve 320 (160 hp) even better.

The O-360 size engines can get you to 180-200 Hp but at a significant price premium. With the smaller boat dimensions, the 320 will be plenty.
They didn’t, 320 converted with 480 jugs.

We should also warn Jorge to avoid the H2AD versions of the 320, they were bastards that had problems keeping the cam alive.
All lycomings with the camshaft in the "roof" of the case have cam issues.
I would bet a brand new hull that a TSIO-541 never spalled a cam follower within major overhaul.