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* * Insurance Questions * *


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I am sorry for torturing you guys, but they are torturing me, and I don't know anywhere else to get help. :(

A couple of questions:

#1 - Does anyone have a line on Insurance ? ? ?
Seems that the company that I use for my Car/House doesn't do Airboats, and the 3-4 others I have called act like I am talking in a foreign language here in Texas. Names & Numbers would be great.

#2 - Will a Insurance Company except a boat that is custom made, and doesn't have a manufacturer name ? ? ?

#3 - Does anyone recognize this style of Airboat, as to belonging to someone (manufacturer) ? ? ?
It has a Serial # stamped on it, but nowhere have I found the name of who built it.




Should have just bought the Air Ranger I was wanting... :cry: But, thought I would do a little learning on something cheaper until I was able to deserve & not tear up a top of the line boat. What the hell was I thinking. :roll:

Any help would be appreciated, "AGAIN" ! ! ! ! cooter
Looks like a Ronie from LA. Don't know for sure. It has the blister on the sides.

Look in the airboat trader.com. > $15,000

There is a boat that looks very close to it.
Hope it helps
I'm pretty sure its a LA made boat. If you want to call me with the serial number I might be able to tell you who makes it. 409-920-0716

As for insurance, If you call Gwen at 1-800-241-6390 (American Airboats)she has 3 different companies and phone numbers she can give you.
Looks suspiciously similar to one of Mark Robicheaux's boats. Been a while since I been out there in one though.


I own a Ronnies Airboat, there are a few things on it that lead me to believe it is a Mark Robicheaux boat but I cant be sure. All the Ronnie boats I have seen do not have thrust tabs on the air rudders, he mounts the exhaust different from the header and thru the transom. Also his instrument panel is set up different. One thing Ronnie does is uses large twin drain plugs and builds all his boats with 7 t-bar stringers no exception. Another thing I noticed is that Ronnie does not have a break in the transom. But if the serial number starts out with EJKRAS then it is a Ronnies hull, he stamps the serial number on the top right side of the transom splash guard. Well hope this helps, let me know if it is a Ronnies boat if so I can get the info for you I know Ronnie pretty well.