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Insuriance for an airboat in MIchigan??


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New to the site and just had an airboat built that is worth insuring. Was wondering if anybody could reccomend an insuriance company that will carry/cover airboats (apparently Progressive and Geico do not, probably because they are usually not USCG flotation approved). Any input is appreciated. Thanks.


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Charter Lakes Marine Insurance Agency .... Pretty good prices , the website is www.charterlakes.com , just click on airboat insurance and go from there! The phone number is 800-879-2248 hope that helps!


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Larry from Dickenson Island just collected on his and got a new hull. He wrecked it on a rocky river in Porthuron.PM me for more info


Grant nailed it. Rob Willis in Grand Rapids will set you up. They use both Markel and Travelers for underwriters, so he'll be able to give you an estimate on both. For me, Travelers had a much better policy AND they were cheaper.