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Is It Just Me?


Or does this sound like someone trying to downplay what looks like an attempt to change the way that a certain group of Florida Taxpayers are allowed to use the public waterway that he calls his backyard?

Sheriff sounds off:
Alachua County Sheriff Steve Oelrich isn't sure about the priorities of some residents.

Oelrich attended an Alachua County Commission meeting last week to talk about a study of the subculture of jail employees and inmates. But first came a lengthy discussion over airboat noise, an issue with which Oelrich is familiar since he owns a house on Orange Lake. That matter out of the way, dozens of people attending the meeting filed out.

"I don't know what it says about our community that we have an absolutely packed house for airboat noise and then, with the jail, everybody leaves the room,� Oelrich said.

Here's the link: -http://www.gainesville.com/apps/pbcs.dll/article?AID=/20050620/COLUMNS03/50620002/-1/news-

One more thing:

"I don't know what it says about our community that we have an absolutely packed house for airboat noise and then, with the jail, everybody leaves the room,�

I don't think I like that statement and I'm not even an Alachua County resident.
He obviously feels that it's his lake now and the peasant's in his town had better start only worrying about his agenda and needs. I hope the people in this county have a memory and get out and vote because Sheriffs are elected. That wouldn't fly in Brevard he would be voted out next election. I'm glade the paper printed that.
Hey Rick,

Check out this article where the Sheriff bought 5 new BMW motorcycles!


Check this out:


It's not just you Rick.
It's Gainesville politics, and better than ever.
I like Gainsville, it's a cool town with plenty of good folks.

Never could stand any of the local government jurisdictional authorities around Alachua County.
Had to deal with quite a few around there, and they all act like royals ruling over the insignificant working class people. Makes me wanna puke.

Sad thing is he probably will get re-elected.

Some things never change, and they usually get worse.
cowboy, I know I'm new to this site, but take it from a fireman that has been envolved with politics a little. Our union has changed an intire commisson before by grass roots campaining. Thats 6 out of 7 seats, the 7th was the mayor that we chose not to run someone against. We knocked on alot of doors for support! But We got the votes on our own agendas after that!! If you educate the public about your issue, most of the time they will remember and respect you. The problem is you have power in numbers. By that I mean getting the rest of the airboat people involved in Alachua County and meeting to lay down a game plan and getting this fella out is the hardest part. With Jim bringing this to everyones attention, it should raise some eyebrows in Alachua County. I feel that alot of the heat that the sheriff is probrably getting is from these folks with a special agenda about airboats and worked hard to get him in. We used this tactic in commission meetings before, jam the commison hall with people and screaming kids for an issue to intimidate the commissioners or (sherriff) then leave after your matter is discussed. This will leave the seats thinking! These Airboat noise folks have alot of work already in place, you can bet that. Find some one if you can to run against him or support the one running against him. It does cost money and time. You can still do alot of damage with a little money and alot of motavated people. Our union has ran totally unknown people against encumbents and caused alot of worries to the other parties to where they look at us with alot more respect. If you cost them alot of money to stay in, they won't be as quick to pick on you again.
Sometimes you have to sacrifice alittle like with the noise. I wish this was not even an issue but more folks from up north are trying to change or ways. Alot of them move next to airports and railways don't they? Thunder is working on a noise project that Hopefully can be used as a bargaining chip one day. It takes more people like him that hold alot of respect in my eyes, He just doesn't roll over and give up!!!!! Hopefully the prop manufactures will get with the program alittle more. They have alot of money to loss if these folks start banning airboats in areas. The noise is what there using as a weapon. Lets fight'em. I'll be doing what ever I can here in Volusia County. Hearing things like this makes my blood boil!!! Still new to the airboats but I love or way of living and don't appreciate folks trying to take things away from us that have been here alot longer than they have!!
All right all you red-necks. I might be one too. The high sheriff of Alachua County has passed a boom box noise deal that says if anyone can hear a radio or cd from 25 feet from a car they are getting a ticket.
That covers my stock truck radio when I am listening to Bocephus, country gospel, bluegrass, and anything else with a lot of picking.

Keep in mind, as I see it the killer for airboats is the open water deal. Probably the noise will not be enforced because it won't cut it in court.

Read that paper on what they have planned. It covers anything with a motor.
Keep in mind, as I see it the killer for airboats is the open water deal. Probably the noise will not be enforced because it won't cut it in court.

Read that paper on what they have planned. It covers anything with a motor.

What is the open water deal?
The answer to that is in the "More on alachua county" thread in the airboat talk forum.

Here is the report if you care to read it:

As I read it it would restrict airboats to open water and not up in the grass. I guess the fear is that an airboat would bust out of the grass at high speed and run over a canoe parked at the edge of the grass. See page 14.

The report shows me that they have been studying this for some time and their lawyers have studied the case law, ie they have done their homework.

Don't get me wrong. I'm not for curling up into a little ball, and giving up. I'm just saying that Gainseville is a town that has alot of voting residents that look at things from the "Progressive" viewpoint.

The are easlily minipulated into supporting regulations that champion the cause of saving the planet, environment, whatever. Why? Because it makes them feel good about themselves while they drive that BMW S.U.V. home to the gated community in which they live. They never stop to think about what the environment was like where thier homes are, before that developer got there. Just today I read that PETA is killing cats and dogs by the thousands, while all the happy little shoppers keep sending them money to save the fur.

I'm not an Alachua county resident, or registered to vote there. But I believe that there exists a high density of people with the sort of mindset, that will support these sort of regulations.

Just look at what Hillrunner had to say about the music code they passed. Bet the sherrifs kid can still blast loud rap on university, while his deputies write up everyone else.

Perhaps the sheriff will try and declare marshall law next.

When Jim said they have done there home work, well that was an understatment. They are preparing to defend on any angle of attack that they may predict. The report sounds like they are going to be very determined to ram this one down the county residents throtes. Besides, they can talk proudly of eachother about this one, while they sip thier starbucks for years to come.

I have darn near lived in Gainesville whith the amount of time I've spent there. Met alot of good folks around there too, but I could'nt swing a dead cat in that town with out hitting someone that makes me wanna puke.

Wade, I'll be at the next Alachua County meeting with Hillrunner, if you will too.

Takes me Three hours to gainseville, should be close to the same from where your at.

Strength in numbers. That is what it's going to take to beat this thing. We can stand together in support of the Good residents of Gainseville. They need all the help they can get. Airboaters or not.
Yep the open water part is gonna hurt. The no wake zone within 150 to 500' of the shore or a dock is gonna hurt. The muffler part should be no big deal but flex pipe isn't gonna get it done. The curfew is really bad for froggin it is the easiest to enforce and the easiest to pass ordinances on. Now if they mimick manatee county and start the curfew at 6pm and run it till 8 am you wont even get to fish during the two best times of the day. and all they need is a few signs posted at ramps if they want to be nice and otherwise when they see an airboat trailer they just wait on you to come back and if its the right time it is done. if they mimick citrus county and make the fine $500.00 and possible loss of your boat that would certainly have my attention. I talked to a FWC officer who wants to remain nameless for obvious reasons and he made it quite simple for me to understand ... there are going to be two or three places to run airboats in freshwater 1. everglades areas 2. lake okeechobee 3. lake kiss. chain certain areas only. The saltwater areas were still debateable but certainly not in populated areas unless at idle speed. I didnt like what he had to say but I bet he was right about it. now other areas will be allowed but with curfews no wake zones and strict enforcement of muffler laws. The handwriting is on the wall we shoulda posted the sign years ago ... WELCOME TO PARADISE .. NOW GO HOME.
Cowboy and Hillrunnerfl, You guys let me know when the next meeting is going to be and I will do everything I can to make the trip. I would be very interested in how other counties operate. I believe that my e-mail is on this site. Or just put the Alachua meeting on here for all to read!!

Cntry141ig, If they enforce the open water rule, won't that effect all boats? If so then they should give us all a tax break because they won't need any FWC, Marine Patrol, Coast Guard and Sherrif to enforce their laws. Don't believe anyone would even put a boat in any of those waters!
After reading the Florida accident statistics, it would be difficult to make a case against airboats from a safety standpoint. Airboats don't have many reported accidents and practicall none in the marsh. You could easily make one against the PWC's and I guess that is why the manufacturers lobbied for and got an anti discrimination law for them

It is easy to make a case against airboats on the noise issue. So, we are back to the need to make them quiet.

There are less than 300 members here and far less active members. The problem is not here, but we do need to get the word out and convince airboaters of the need to quiet down so that we can preserve the privilege of operating them in this state.

Alachua is one more county that needs to be convinced to wait and see the results of the noise studies. We, on the other hand cannot afford to wait. We need to make them quiet now. The technology is there, it has been discussed here.

My .02 or less