is it time to talk about the Feb. run yet?


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I know several people have mentioned the Everglades for the next run and wanted to tie it in to the quarterly FAA meeting. I have heard the Broward County airboat club is supposed to have some sort of run to go along with the meeting, but I haven't heard where, what time, or for how long?
I would love to help with the SA run in the Glades, but on Saturday Feb. 4, 2006 I will already be busy helping out a couple of friends with a wedding (planned over a year ago) that is going to take place in the Everglades, Area 3a South at Picnic Island. Most of the day will be tied up with getting set-up, bringing people in and out, and then cleaning up afterwards.
I want to help, and I'm open to suggestions, let me know what you guys think?
(I know we have some thinkers out there)
Well I think maybe a night run would be good or we can just go with what ride they are planning. Not sure. I know that we are going to be there for that meeting and we will want to ride down there while we are there. I am thinking we will be there all weekend too so. Just let us know.
we had a dec. run that lasted into jan. most are planing on the faa meeting/ride for the next run never been to the glades before looking foward to it. but I'm game for anything. most are trying to get the last few weeks of hunting season in before the faa meeting thats why it was moved from the end of jan to the begining of feb..
I'm going to try and get 2 more weekends in for hunting Garners Marsh. Thinking of this coming weekend and the next one after that. Feburary in the glads sounds good to me. I almost hooked the boat up this mourning and went to 2A. but the rum from the other night had different plans :oops:
Rick. Time to open up the next run catagory.

"Everglades area 3a with the FAA"?

You guys can do better than that!

As for the run, I vote for a daytime run, which means a sunday ride because the meeting is on saturday during the day.

I suppose the FAA would not care for a bunch of tag-alongs disrupting the meeting, and that is why I think we have not heard much from them.

But I'd love to ride with Swampjet down there in the south, and this can be my chance!

If not a sunday ride, how about someone from the FAA get with whoever is setting this one up, and co-ordinate it so we can have our SAO monthy ride, and have the FAA join us when the meeting breaks. That way they can have their "get to business" time, and we can get in some extra ridin' time. But we can all still ride together.

Don't hold back info! We need to make our plans! I've already signed up for some vacation days from work specifically for this ride, if it all falls thru, I'm coming after someone for those valuable vacation days! :lol: :? :lol:

Not trying to sound rude ... but why don't we just plan our ride and FAA can join up if they want to. I am not sure but since individuals are not allowed to be voting members there is no point in individuals attending the meeting. We have representation there by our one allowed delagate so lets leave it in their competent hands and have our ride. There has been no communication from FAA as to the agenda or items on it or even the location of the meeting place so it seems they don't want us to attend or participate so lets leave them alone and go have fun somewhere in the area.

I am not familiar with the area but if there are islands out there we can camp on then we are set. After our run to the bus I know we can handle setting up a base camp. I believe it sounds like we will need some extra gas for our boats because of the remoteness of the area but we can handle that as well. So lets get this thing planned out and setup.

Who is familiar with the area? is there a place we can setup our tents? how far will we be from the ramp to camp? Is there a place we can camp and launch at same time? do we need tents or will motor homes and trailers work? how far to get re-supplies of gas - food - water? How many are going so we know how big an area we need?
Cntry you ain't rude, just speaking your mind. I am a member of the Broward Airboat Club and information is very hard to get and slow on top of that. I usually get my newsletter that tells me of the poker run the day after the run was supposed to be. I still don't know if they know what they want to to.
If you want someone that knows the area-here I am. the only problem I have is with the date, I will be busy 2-4-06. If you want to go Sunday of that weekend I'm there. If you want to ride both days/nights another weekend would be better.
As far as setting up camp on one of the islands, Most of them that are big enough to camp on are privately owned/leased and belong to someone. The one that will be used for the wedding is normally available, any other day than Feb. 4, about 5 miles from the ramp on Alligator Alley (plenty of parking, 8 boat ramps, limited facilities) and is big enough to set up several tents and have a camp fire. The fire wood is already cut and stacked, they had to remove quite a few trees after the hurricane to get it ready for the wedding.
There are several places to access the Everglades. Area 3a South is the best to ride. There are several boat ramps, but only 1 that has rv hookups, limited tent spaces and no cabins.
I'm pretty sure we can hammer out the details, let me know what you think...
The thing with Saturday is that cchardt and I have to be at the meeting because he is a delegate for his club. I have to go because he cannot remember what is said (not bashing him) and I try and keep it so he can report back to his club. I would love to ride Saturday and Sunday as well as long as we leave by dark as we can get home for the work week to start.
Still not sure what they are planning after the meeting anyway. They have not come up with anything and we are not even sure as to where it is going to be yet. Hopefully they figure it out soon. It is not too far away.
We are going to be there regardless so if you want to ride at night or during the day we are going to be there somewhere Friday night depending on where the meeting is we may be in Naples or closer to where the meeting is. And we are planning on staying the whole weekend.
Airboat4fun, you are right, the details are slow coming out from Broward club who is hosting this meeting (FAA). That is why we have been slow to give details. Gatorstick has promised to get with Bruce with Broward and nail down the details this week. I know Gatorstick has called them more than once already.
Mood, Yes I am ready to ride the glades with you. I think it's gonna be a "good time in the grass".

Airboat4fun I know you have said before ... but where is the place with the rv hookups and tent sites. I am in favor of using that place as a base camp. It doesn't matter to me if we run that weekend or set it up for another weekend I don't care. It would be nice I guess to do it while the FAA is in town but if not it certainly won't cause me to lose any sleep over it.

This thread is about the 'RUN' so no bashing the FAA for being unsure of what is going on or unwilling to be forthcoming I don't care I just am gonna ride somewhere but if it aint there oh well.

We only get so many weekends a year where camping is a pleasure rather than an ordeal we are in "camping season" now so lets don't waste it.
If the ride is going to take place on the alley near the Miami canal, the best place to leave from (IMO) because they have security there!
The closest gas in either the indian reservation, or Griffin Rd and 27, or in Weston off 595. 20 to 30 minutes each way.

If the FAA holds the run South of 41 than you have the indian casino and gas stations/hotels very close to where they put in.

Camping in the glades can be tough depending on the conditions. Mosquitos can be real bad or non existant. Unless someone opens a camp for SA you will have no power or shower. Holiday park has accomodations for campers/hookups could launch from there and run about 10 miles longer than putting in at the miami canal. It is a straight run to the slough where everyone meets.

There are no restaurants in the areas I have mentioned, just some outdoor places that sell hot dogs etc.

If the glades are low in water, you can ride all day on a tank depending on how you drive. I would say an extra 10 gal could get you back home from anywhere you may end up running out....if you know how to get back. It is a fairly simple place to run with lots of trails runnin all over the place. Most trails lead to a camp or an intersection. Remember the sloughs down there run north south...bring a flag! .......the high grass can get you real mixed up at night so be mindfull of that. Keep water under your boat and you will be fine. If the water is real low, I suggest someone post the known rocks near bergeron's etc, maybe put up a few markers so nobody hits them?

BTW, be carefull when rafting up on the little islands, and keep the hotdoggin to a minimum on the dry ground. Down here we don't necessarily park on the hill if a bunch of boats are around, simply slide the nose up on it. It can get real crowded on some of the islands so be carefull of props and propwash.

Hope that helps a little..
Ok thanks Rich .. after careful consideration and a popeyes fried chicken dinner complete with bicuits and jelly and a conference with Stan my wingman A descision has been made... LOL

Stan and I are going to be at holiday as long as we can get reservations for spaces. the short run from there is no problem. If the majority of the islands are leased or private then we will just go to a campground and that way there is no problem.
How many are thnking of coming? I could check with my dad about having people stay at my camp overnight then go for a good ride in the morning. the camp has 9 beds in it, a good couch and a chair. It also has a decent sized island if anyone wants to pitch a tent :lol: . the camp is called Duck camp, its off the Holiday Park trail about 20 miles west of Holiday. I need to ask before I can totally commit but I think it would be awesome to host a campout for my SAO family.


Don't you mean South of the Alley? (not 41)?

Larry, I'll haul stuff or work for a nights stay(I can pitch the tent). Holiday is too far for me out of the way. Is camping allowed in the parking lot of 3A?

No, South of 41.........they have a club, bar bq pit and everything there. A few years ago they had a big get together which I attended. Had a pretty good time.

I don't think you want to camp in the parking lot even if you could. You can camp off the Miami canal right near some camps if you want.
I have always wanted to run down there can't wait i'm game for any thing will stay any where looking foward to the run out in the glades