is it time to talk about the Feb. run yet?

Hey Cntry, If you're driving Holiday is way more than 10 miles from MM41. It is almost 16 miles to get off the Alley headed East and then it is about another 5 miles south on 27. If you are talking about the boat ride, there is no trail that goes directly from Holiday to 41. If you plan on buying additional fuel, save some money and don't buy it from Holiday. There is a truck stop on the NE corner of 27 & Griffin, or just a couple miles south of Holiday on 27 & Sheridan is a Sunoco (they also have 100LL and 110 Race Gas). The closest gas station to the ramp at MM41 is the Indians at MM49/50. By the way when you use the boat ramps at Holiday, use the farthest West Ramp. That is the public ramp, they get pissy when airboats use THEIR ramp in front.
Thank you all so much for clarifying this for me. Just as long as we get to the meeting and then off to the same boat ramp and get out to the camp, that is all I care about. I guess no matter where we all stay as long as we get to ride is all that matters. I am sure we will run into one another at some point during the day.
Airboat4fun: I wasn't speaking of driving from 41 to holiday directly. I am planning on camping at holiday park so they should be ok with whatever ramp I use but if not I will adjust. I thought it was 10 miles by boat in one of your previous posts from holiday to mm41 ramp?? did I mis-read something. 10 miles is not a problem 100 miles is tougher to deal with LOL so please advise.
I checked the trusty GPS and it is just over 18 miles (as the crow flies) from Holiday to MM41. you have to take the trail from Holiday to Crossroads along the Andrews Ave trail by Bergerons and then to 41. closer to 20 miles if you take the trails.
Who needs trails LOL make em or breakem sorta like checkers or wreckers in racin ... git-r-dun naw we better follow the trails at first anyways.
Well , been doing some calculating ole southern style on a good day gets about 2 miles to the gallon in deep water 40 gallon tank with 10 extra gallons will get me say 100 miles about 4 hours steady running.Holiday park sounds good to me . I just need gps numbers for a meeting place and time.
Well the only deep water running you will be doing out there is the canals, most of the riding out there is 2-4ft. deep. It's still a little higher then I like it but the water is going down fast, hopefully it's just right by the time you guys get down here.

Stan, the awesome south Florida SAO members have been feeding me tons of GPS numbers. I'm putting them all into a map which will be distributed to all who ride. So you're covered in that area. Need a few more days or a week or so before I've sifted all the info.

You are right about a meeting place. Some will be riding up from the south, some from Holiday Park, some from the FAA meeting at the "Ramp-o-rama super-plex" at mm35 and others from the ramp at mm41. It looks like we'll need to decide on a good rally point. mm35 ramp makes the most logical sense. But the best riding (as I understand it) is over on the western edge of 3a on the south side of Alligator Alley. A LONG way from that ramp.

Some of us are staying at Duck Camp. I've never been there. From what I've seen of it on the aerial photos, it looks easy to find. Maybe that could be the rally point? Maybe one of the other camps? I'd much rather hang out waiting for all the boats to arrive at a camp than at a boat ramp. That all depends on PERMISSION though. I want to be a good guest when I'm visiting those parts.

What do you think? Hey 'glades campers - Can you name a good camp for this sort of meeting? 50 or more boats.

Larry , Ijust love skinny water ,just hope it dosen't dry up before we get there. Thanks for the update.
just want to mention the glades is coral rock bottom for those without polymer I havent run airboats down there in 30 years so I dont know about what its like in 3a cuz there wasnt one that I knew of or whats changed. But the offroad trails I have ridden lately are still coral rock. I dont know if its a factor or not
You guys should have nothing to worry about, there is plenty of water and the trails are well used. Be very careful when crossing deep water canals, the bass boats can rip down the canal over 70 MPH and have no idea the airboats are crossing.
The rocks are mainly on the south side near the tamiami trail (especially south of the trail). Before polymer was used, some of the old timers used to wrap a sheet of stainless steel on the bottom of the aluminum grass hulls. It added some weight and later the was problems with electrolysis (corrosion from dis-similar metals), but the protection was priceless.
In the chat last night I think it was decided (for now at least) that the most logical & central place to meet is the mm35 ramp (The Ramp-o-rama super-plex)

WIth the FAA meeting and the wedding.... it'll be an impressive sight for sure!

We ought to meet there mid-morning, and stay out of the FAA's hair. While they are having the meeting, we can go off on a little bit of riding.... and when the meeting breaks, we'll use Nextel to get in contact and decide on what to do at that point.

All subject to change. That is the plan for now.


The FAA is meeting at Mile Marker 35.
If you want to stay for the 10 am FAA meeting, feel free to. If you want to ride, have at it, just try to keep the sound down at the landing during the meeting. If you want to RSVP for the lunch ($6-8 ) that Broward is hosting for us, please contact me at so we have a head count for the Broward club.
I think we will break for lunch (or better yet, be done) around 1 pm. If ya'll are in early and ride the morning, you can come back & have lunch with the FAA group and get filled in on events and meet/speak with our guests.
Whatever floats your boat.....................

Lobbyist Bonnie & Dustin Basham
Writer from Florida Sportsman. Could have other media.........
FWC Commisioneers?
Has anyone invited their House or Senate
You guys make my me Jealous about how you can run all year round in some pretty nice weather. The weather today in Fremont NE was 57 but we have a law in Nebraska on the Platte River in our area you can not run a airboat from October 15 to Jan 15. For the migration of Geese and waterfowl.

Thats why for us we love reading the articles and reading this web site so it keeps us all in good mood when it is -20 and you guys are running airboats down south with a light jackets on.

Have fun

Tim Bryson
Fremont, Ne
Bryson's Airboat Tours
Some of the common meeting areas are, the "swimming hole". which is on the westerly L28 canal, west of the large antenna you will see, or in front of a camp called the Hilton Head......
Tim, I know about seasonal restrictions. One of the biggest reasons why the ski areas out West close when they do in the Spring is so that folks in big numbers won't be there to interfere with the Elk migration. It has nothing to do with there not being enough snow.

Start a quarter jar for next Winter, and then fly down and ride with us. You don't need a boat ..... there are seats aplenty down here, and we'd love to have ya.

What we have left of the Everglades Conservation Areas covers over 670,000 acres in 3 counties.
The faa, broward county airboat club, southern airboat and a wedding party will all be trying to enjoy "Floridas one and only-River of Grass".
Due to apparent scheduling conflicts ALL of these things are going to be on the same day, and now it looks like everyone is going to be in the same place (mm35) at the same time (12-1:30).
While there is plenty of parking at "The Ramp-o-rama super-plex" there is only 1 MAIN TRAIL to get into and out of the South side. The first couple hundred yards are very narrow and winding with limited visibility. I have had several close calls and 2 friends of mine have been involved in 3 seperate crashes. One ended up sinking both airboats and sending 2 teens to the hospital.
These happened with regular boat traffic on any given weekend.
On Feb.4,2006 there will be alot more traffic than usual, with all the airboats and people who aren't familair with the area, combined with a narrow trail to the boat ramp, I am now a little worried about SAFETY.
Randy, I'm with ya on the SAFETY issue! Maybe we could coordinate times around the wedding and FAA meeting, so that everything will not be at the same time?

I don't know about everyone else, but I wouldn't mind meeting earlier in the day. Maybe we could avoid some of the heaviest traffic that way.

Ideas, anyone?
the way I understand it is the faa want to let out about noon-1 and the wedding is supposed to be at 1:30. There will be several trips before the wedding to get set up and to get the guests out and afterwards everything and everybody has to be brought back in.