is it time to talk about the Feb. run yet?

I agree about the safety issues. And one thing about getting out on the airboat is that it gets me AWAY from traffic!!!!! :)

It was suggested that the camp Everglades Hilton is a sort of gathering spot. Sounds sort of like the catfish pond of the everglades. But I looked it up by the GPS numbers, and it's a LONG way south.... in dade county.

Is there another camp OUT OF THE WAY, (but closer to the Alley) where the non-wedding, non-FAA folks can meet up? I don't think it's like we're going to invade someone's camp and make ourselves at home... just a beach where we can hang out till we all get there and then go off on a ride.

I'm thinking more and more about just asking the campers from Holiday to come on over to Duck Camp, and when the FAA meeting breaks, we can go see the microwave tower and other sights along the western edge of 3a. And Duck camp looks like a good launch point for that ride.

What do y'all say? Meet at Duck by 11 in the morning? Take a break and then an afternoon ride to the west side or wherever the wind may blow? Larry - we need your help and advice on this one!

I'm with you Randy on the congestion. I can stay away from the mm35 area without a problem!


Kinda in agreement with stayin' out of the FAA's hair! When you see all the bass boats in the main canals that make you get down off of plane you'll know why I don't want to be near there!

Larry, is it ok that we head to Duck early Sat morning to pitch a tent and then possibly have other members meet us at Hawk? (A little closer to the East for those takin' the long way).

Airboat 4fun, the wedding's not at Hawk or Duck is it?

I knew we shouda planned it another weekend sounds like tis is gonna be a circle jerk for sure. I beleive I will stay awasy from mm35 ramp maybe go to mm41 ramp but 35 is not gonna happen. if the canals are full of bass boats it doesn't seem meeting on a canal is a good idea at all. some reason why we need a canal. If FAA wants us they kbow where to find us why worry about them or broward club who still doesn't know where they will ride. Hello anyone home this aint workin out too good.
piss poor planning results in piss poor performance.
cntry - You & I are cast from the same mold on this one. However.... It's working out. That's why I was all vocal a week ago about getting it figured out. There is no real single captain of this ship... (this month's ride) so it's up to us to figure it out. And we're talking out the details. I was worried all the talk would not begin until the week before the event.

Randy - Right on! I want to run into you... but not head on. If that did happen, You have a grass rake, I dont. You'd be forced to say... "Hey! Stop hitting my grass rake with your face!!" LOL

Basketcase - That's the best idea yet.... Meet at Hawk Camp... Hawk is a nice ride from the mm35 ramp as well as from Holiday park. A good central place to work out of. provided permission, of course.

The wedding is at Picnic Island. I've not punched in those GPS #'s yet, but that is another place I'd like to avoid - out of courtesy.

FAA - Don't take this the wrong way. Lauren, we love the FAA. But we just want to stay out of YOUR way, so you can get to business that benefits US. It's a compliment, not a shrug-off. When the meeting is over, put the word out on the Nextel network. We'll know where you are, and let you know where we are. It's all about ridin' - and we'll ALL do some ridin' to link up.

I'll have some pretty good maps in another day or two. Including GPS numbers and names of places. When I get the first draft posted, I hope you guys down there take a look at it, and offer some constructive criticism and I'll make the modifications. I may even have time to order some poster size prints before the run.

Hey Big Feather,

I might take you up on that sometime. It sounds like there is something going on every month down there.

I own three business's so it is hard to get away.

Would there be room on a boat for my wife and I? My wife is into airboating as much as I am.

We would love to see some different airboating sights.

Tim Bryson
Bryson's Airboat Tours
Fremont, NE
Tim I aint big feather but yepper there is always room somewhere for visitors. It's one of of those silly southern things LOL come on down
Tim - you can check the link at the top for "Frapper Map". It will tell you where almost everyone is from. And you can put yourself on there, too. I know that you'd be welcome down here anytime you can make it, and we'd all be happy to show ya some Southern Hospitality! Southern Airboat Hospitality.....

Wow what a big mess. Not knocking but it would have been nice to know about all of this before now. Like where the wedding was going to be and all of that. As far as the FAA is concerned, we will be at the meeting but I know myself, we will be meeting up with the SAO family and ride with them. I am not knocking the FAA either but I am a little disappointed in the fact it took them so long to decide where they wanted to do this and all of that. There are some things that are still not figured out yet. They have known where they were going to be 3 months ago at the other meeting but I am hoping more people getting involved and volunteering will help this out. It will all work out some way.
airborn, do you drive the boat?

My wife used to drive the old boat it was a 15ft , now I have a tour boat that is 21ft she is going to attempt to drive this year. My wife is a little gear head she loves airboating.

Tim Bryson
Tim, Yep. She drives the boat. :) It makes me feel like a celebrity having my own "driver". LOL Really, I like NOT driving many times because I can watch the motor, see more scenery, play with the GPS.... and just have a different sort of fun.

Laura is a motor head for sure! She loves the sound of an unmuffled V8 and will NEVER complain about the sound an airboat makes! In fact, out on Pawpaw mound, we saw a airboat go by, and she said "We GOTTA get one of those!" and the rest is history. We were BOTH hooked after that.

matt & laura.
Yes, we are lucky to have the woman in our lives that share the same pasions we do.

Have fun and stay safe.

Tim Bryson
well it's gittin close. Really looking forward to the ride, ole southern style acts like she's goin to pull through after her little head ache ,but we'll see. just need to know the meeting place , gps numbers would work, smoke signal or scent trail (maybe).
Stan, was the head problem a common one, should I look for something in particular on my Caddy. What did you have to do to getter right again. GOOD LUCK on the fix :D
wade no its not common problem week spring didn,t like turnin 4800 rpm on the trailer one exhaust valve got taped .got better springs solved the problem. laura sure apperciated the numbers just lookin for a place and time to meet or will any place do?
Matt here - visiting Laura in the Haven of Winter using her computer...

Stan - and everyone... We still need a plan. If there is no plan - What our plan is to head out to Duck camp with our camping gear first thing saturday morning. Set up camp and hang out till others arrive.

The whole group meeting at Duck seems a good idea. It's close to the riding spots of the west side, reasonable ride from the ramp where the FAA meeting is, and a long haul of a beautiful ride from Holiday Park.

So how about meet at Duck camp when you can on saturday morning - by 11 or noon? The FAA guys ought to be finishing up sometime after that, and we can cross trails with them on their way to the microwave tower and swimming hole rocks, etc. If they go there, they will be passing Duck camp anyway (or close to it).

Check the GPS thread for some numbers (I don't have them in front of me right now) But Duck is listed there.

And stand by for only a little more time.... A map that shows many many trails is coming! I'm almost done with it.

duck camp sounds grand just what i wanted to here thanks rn mood. fire up the grill and i'll smell my way there.

Been a couple days away from this computer (spending quality time on the West Coast of Florida with the Citrus County Club and the Brooksville Raid re-enactment, yee-ha!) after reading this thread I have to respond.

Remember the FAA meeting place is hosted by a member club/organization/business for each quarterly meeting. The Broward Club was gracious enough to step up to the plate and host this meeting.... they are in charge of the meeting site, facilities, etc, etc. My suggestion is that if there are questions about where to ride, meet, etc. ask the club that rides this area! Here is the link

Lets have a little faith! Yea, after the important business of the FAA I know I want to ride! These meetings are few and far between, there is much business to discuss, business to keep us riding our airboats. That is the work of YOUR FAA, the other stuff is up to the sponsoring club!

Just my opinion...sometimes things that are worthwhile don't come easy....(Lord only knows, I'm learning this lesson) maybe this is one of those times. This discussion is now 4 pages, we are anxious, this is so will all work out and be FUN! I can't wait! If anyone has a concern I might be able to help with please contact me....I will do my darndest to find an answer. :)