is it time to talk about the Feb. run yet?

I'm happy the FAA is working in our favor. But the point was brought up that some of those trails are narrow, and a head-on collision is something that scares the turtles out of me. Lots of boats, the wedding, normal independants who are out there any weekend, the FAA delegates, and then our SAO gang. I'm going to do my part and stand back, and leave some room for the ones who may need it. It's not an avoidance of the FAA. If they ride a different direction, we'll cross that bridge when we come to it. and go catch up with them.

One thing to note Stan & cntry crews....
I'm now told that Duck is pretty small, and it may be difficult to stage a large run there. As I recall, Larry has obtained permission for us to possibly use the Hawk Camp (as a stand-by) and it looks like Hawk is only a few minutes away (within train horn distance) from Duck. So that's our standby location - the house next door. I'll get you some GPS numbers for that one - (those #'s are in the GPS thread) but I think Hawk is ESE a half mile or mile from Duck. (you'll pass Hawk on the Holiday Trail on your way to Duck) So, no worries.

Map should be finished tomorrow night - late.

Hey guys, whats up. I have been away for a little bit and have not had much time to use the computer. Duck camp is not small by any means, it is probably one of the largest heads out there. The only problem is it is a tree island with 1 narrow path in and out. I have been working on alternate parking access for the camp out and planned get together, but there is always Hawk camp which is just a deck now. i think I can have a good enough parking situation at Duck for everyone to come aboard, and we can go wherever we need to, 35mm ramp is not a far ride from there if that is the plan.


Good to hear from ya! Sure appreciate all the hard work here! Me, Ms, and possibly my kid are surely ready to ride and enjoy a night in the Everglades!

Mood, Check with Larry on this one but the only "scary/narrow" trail to avoid is the one right when you leave the launch! (Could send a scout out, (no pun intended BPS) :lol: to check the trail beforre a group heads down it!

Mood I thought that basket and sa where going to meet a mm41 ramp
not sure. i'm just fallowing the leader that way every one would not be in the same spot.

Yes, we'll meet and launch at the 41 mm ramp, (closest to Duck Camp). We should be at the ramp between 8:30-9:30. I think the 35 mm ramp will be a busy place with the FAA meting and a wedding party launching from there, (this will also give the FAA some quiet time until we all "crash" them for the $6 lunch) :lol:

Davie, 10-4 on the bug spray...they was nipping at me last night. 42 on the front porch this morning-70's in the daytime last few days.

Was wondering,,,,id like to meet you guys,,,,on the map....from say the hilton head area, to Duck club.....anyone know how to look this trail up? planning on sat,,,arround 12 or so,,maybe earler to be in the microwave tower,hilton area,,,be in my Blue step boat......wave me down if ya all see me....or lets post some picts of your boats......ill have a red t shirt on as well