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Is this a good deal??

I have the opportunity to buy a 15x7 panther hull, good polymer bottom, decent trailer, has a perfomance sb 350, I will have to spend $1000 to rebuild engine, r series sensenich prop, boat could use paint, I want to pretty much fix it up. $11500 is the price is this too high? Cheapest I have found in Texas??


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Quite a few unknowns with limited info you provide but if hull, rigging and prop are decent $5k is a good place to start.
It has a 2.68 gear box, I plan on getting cage powder coated. The motor only had 50hrs on it when the owner had the water pump belt bust, so he replaced the belt and ran the boat in on salt water. It has aluminum heads. He was asking 11500 running.

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Don't waste your money that thing is a pile! You can find a better boat for that kind of money keep looking!


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Hey Reel Bad, if you are looking for a smaller boat, there is a 13x 7'6 panther hull with brand new rigging, motor and poly in the Conroe area for 15K, I looked at it and it is all brand new except for the hull which is a 1998 model but hull is mint condition as well, it is small but would be a haul ass boat, if you are interested shoot me a PM and I will give you the info, they are open to offers, personally this boat would easily be worth 10k in my opinion


ps- the motor is a sbc with belt drive reduction
Thanks, I was actually looking for a 16x8 but came across this. Thought if I could get it for 6500 it would be a good project boat.

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if the hull is solid, no hooks etc, it is a good sliding boat and a good 350 with 268 box would work good with it. but you say high performance 350 but needs rebuild for 1000, selling it at a price with a new engine. i think way too high. maybe 5000, if you can rebuild for 1000 you would be lucky, may need new crank, full machine shop work, cam, etc....lot more then a grand to rebuild maybe. offer 5k and walk, see what he says, don't go much above that. there are lots of boats out there, drive to florida for a weekend and bring home a nicer boat for less money. Bud