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IT STARTS AROUND 10 am on dec 3

c chardt

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we will be meeting there at 10 am on dec 3 at lk washington and will have food, raffles, 50/50


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what is the agenda for the day? Laura and I have been thinking of dropping in at Lone Cabbage around sunrise, and just following the river channel and lake edges down to the lake Washington ramp. Then when the trail ride gets up to the northern limit, We'll split off and either call it a day, or do a little riding in our home territory there till day's end.

So hows the day planned? Meet at the ramp and hang out, then the ride? Or are you planning a ride and then hanging out after returning to the pavilion?

We're bringing our toys for the tots!



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As far as I know we will be riding and hanging out. We will ride north and we will ride south. But I thought we could ride and hang out. I liked being able to hang out with everyone at the milk bus at the last ride. It was nice to actually have a chance to talk to some people and get to know them. I just figured people can go out throughout the day. There will be several people there who know the area that will be glad to go out and show some around at different times.