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It's her birthday

Florida Cracker

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Lydia got an invitation to go hog hunting for her birthday, back where she got her first deer two weeks ago. Her guide (now FRIEND: Brad) opened his camp and heart to the both of us like you would not believe. We arrived about 2 pm on Friday and were in the stand a little after 4. Three nice size hogs came just after 4:30 and she picked out the one she thought she had the best shot at and squeezed off the round. A 110 pound boar was stone cold dead.


We continued hunting, letting a similar size boar work feed only 25 yard in front for about a 1/2 hour. Just after 6 two large boars came in and she took one that went 195 pounds.



Back at camp we had a fish fry with Brad and his buddy Eddie (who killed 6 hogs this weekend) and few other club members (all great guys). After diner Brad surprised her with a birthday cake (birthday is today - age 15) and very special gift - monogrammed hunting shirt and hooded sweatshirt with club logo.



Hunted Sat. am and saw 8 or 9 deer including 2 sparring bucks, and about 2 dozen turkeys, including a bearded hen. No opportunities at a hog.

Hunted Sat. pm and she got a nice 85 pound sow. Also, got to watch 6 little guys feed in front of us for quite some time.


Back at camp we had a meal fit for royalty (Southern Style), fresh back strap, collards, black eyed peas, potato, salad, and sweet potato pie.

Sunday am hunt was cold and slow, no opportunities. What a fabulous time she (we) had. Brad and Eddie were so kind and quite funny and committed to seeing that it was a birthday she would never forget (or me for that matter). I could go on and on about the things that happened this weekend that were so memorable and how grateful I am for this opportunity, but I'll spare you. But boy is she quite the outdoors woman and deadly with that gun.
Don't spare nothing on our account, we love to hear it ! I absolutely love reading about younguns in the field with their folks. And on a special Birthday to boot !

All too soon they are grown and gone living their own life, but things like this set the stage for the rest of their life and will stand them in good stead when it comes to things like patience, working for a reward, and appreciating things for their own sake.

Got have it about right in my book ! Congratulations. Keep the reports coming.

Scotty :wink:
That is so coolllllllll. My daughter is now in her thirties and I use to take her trapping and hunting when she was 7-8 years old until she was older and she still brings it up all the time how those are her favorite memories. Enjoy it cause time flies. Great post and congrats to the young lady on some great shooting. Happy B-Day. Later, Cajun
Great story and pic's. What a 15th B-Day. Congrats to Lydia. Those are memories that will be cherished for a lifetime. Good job Dad.