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IVO Prop

Cal, The IVO is a 3 blade composite adjustable propeller. They were popular 10 or more years ago about the time composite propellers hit the market. The pitch adjustment did not require a lot of tools and could be done in the marsh by rotating the spindle on the hub. They also had a pretty trick auto pitch adjuster (optional) that could allow you to dial pitch in ot out of the prop on the fly with a push of a button. As I remember the metal cutting edge did not hold up very well.

I had a couple friends that bought them in the early 90's and said they didn't push as well as the WarpDrive.

I have not seen one on a boat in the marsh I run in a number of years.
The leading edge was covered with the same leading edge tape that was used on helicopter rotors back then .. We had one and the best thing was the hub -- stop the boat go back their with a tier iron and slide it through the hole in the hub give it a turn and the pitch was re set.
I think that they are concentrating on the ultralight props now because in the last two years I've seen them on that product.
Thanks for the info, you saved me from making a mistake again, there is a 72' 3 blade for sale on airboattrader for $700.:shock:
Ivo is considered a top of the line prop for lower HP engines ..... you'll see a lot of them on ultralights. Great prop.

But, for a 400 SB you're gonna need a LOT more. Then you need to be looking at Water Walker, Sensenich, Terminator, Warp Drive, etc.

thanks for the info my dad knows soebody who wants t trade one for our paddle prop thats on our dd 400 we dont know much aboat ivo props from what dad told me the ivo is on a 0470 im stationed in japan for a few more months im tryin to get some info before we do the deal thanks yall.
Ivo is good for ultra lights. That is how he escaped from a communist country by making a plane by hand complete with the homemade prop.

Go to his web site and read the story. The blades flex too much for seriouis consideration in most airboat applications. maybe on one of the airboats using the rotax engines or briggs eng.

They need lots of travel room for the flex, serious travel room like 8" fore and aft. when you are stuck and the boat can't move the blades essentially laydown and lose thrust. The leading edge was a problem but I believe they solved that somewhat. The adfjustabl;e on the fly was pretty sexy to me and if the blades were stiffer I might have had one on my boat. I don't believe they would work on my boat anymore.
The Ivo that I ran on my boat was a 76" six blade that pushed pretty good but you need a pretty strong motor to put alot of pitch in the prop. I Still have it if anyone is interested.
-my boat had a iov on my boat when I got it . My boat did better with a trolin motor. Mine was a 3 blad 70 in noisy I put mine in a trash can.
Hey Bubba,
Quit sugar coating everything, and tell us how you really feel about it.

Just kidding man! Glad to see ya posting again.

I've personally never seen a really good running airboat with one of those on it.
They could make a jam up prop for a mini rig, with rotax power. Ya never know.
Some of the boats around here are running the IVO prop They are very noisey in my opinion ear drum busters and dont push very well a few of the pics I have on here show them. I think they are fine for the Kohler engines but anything with hp you couldnt pay me enough to run one... just my two cents

To give the Devil his due, IVO was one of the very first of the carbon fiber props and they do work well on lower HP motors. They're relatively easy to adjust, and I've never heard of one failing, but they're just not suited to higher HP applications in my opinion.

Met a guy on the lake today who had a 6 blade stacked IVO behind a 350 with a Stinger gear box. That boat would ride pretty good and it was very quiet. Not quite as much whine as a Warp Drive.

I was pretty impressed, first IVO I've seen around here.
Dwarf, one of the things that is so cool about airboats is there is no one 'right answer' for every application.
Hey, if that IVO works for him, I'm as happy as a clam in a septic tank.

(Cntry, OK for you to use that one in your next career as a stand-up comic.)

The six blade is two three blade props stacked. If you have a six blade and can find the hubs for the three blade, you can make two three blade prop out of the six blade. As stated before the Ivo is much more quiet than a Warp Drive.
Sounds like the guy needs to redesign the blade construction, keep the hub and he would be on to something good.

But maybe he understands physics more than I do and that is why he is sticking to ultralights.

But I have always thought his style hub adjustment would be great.
Had an IVO on my 0470 GPU & on a 454 DD Buick 10 years ago. Niether pushed all that great and both started eroding on the tips & edges.
Sent one back that they covered. Would not cover the second one.

A few others at Westcoast AC had them. A couple came apart. Story seems to be they definely don't work on high power DD auto engines.
What ya'll are saying about lower HP/ultralites sounds true.

For their due, I concur they were one of the first composites to hit the market.