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Ivo Prop


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Pretty certain this interesting article is about the founder of Ivo Props. Please let me know if I'm wrong.

Don't know if anyone runs them now but I had stacked Ivo's on an 18' Alumitech behind a BBC and 2:1 belt drive that was pretty much unstoppable.
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Ivoprop Corporation, founded in 1984 by Ivo Zdarsky, is an American manufacturer of composite propellers for homebuilt and ultralight aircraft, as well as airboats. The company's headquarters are in Long Beach, California.[1][2]

Zdarsky started the company after carving his own propeller for a homebuilt ultralight trike that he flew from Cold War Czechoslovakia, over the Iron Curtain to Vienna in 1984. Ivoprop has sold more than 20,000 propellers since then.[1][2]

The company's propellers are built from carbon-fiber-reinforced polymer and feature a stainless steel leading edge.[1][2]
I use a 3 blade 66” on my cottonmouth with a 4.3. Easiest adjustment for pitch there is. I use it DD and can fine tune rpms in less than 2 minutes. I can’t run dry since my boat is heavy but it’s great for where I live (Kansas) it cruises at 2300 very nicely and I got it set to max out at 2900 rpm. I have zero complaints.
Holy crap. I didnt even know that place existed. I live probably less than 100 miles from him (as the crow flies) and had no idea he lived in utah. crazy.