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July Ride(Poker Run to Benefit Pete)


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I would like to invite everyone to come out and join the Seminole County Crew on their monthly ride on July23rd, we will be riding 192 and St Johns river south.Incorporating a Poker Run to benefit Pete at Westside Airboats. We will be meeting at Camp Holly and leaving at 10:00am sharp. All monies will be going to Pete's family to help with medical expenses. Chris and Dakota will be leading the way.Bring plenty of food and drink. Lets again ride for a good cause.
Thanks for the update, cause I wanna do my dangdest to get to that one.

I remember you mentioning it, but could'nt find the info again.
Actually we are not meeting at camp Holly. We are going to meet at the Brevard County Airboat Association which is on the other side of the bridge from Camp Holly. Not sure if Camp Holly can handle all the boats and parking plus it costs $3.00 per boat to launch where at the association it is free. it is off of Sweetwater Rd. PM me for more information.
Gatorchaser PM me last night and will be bringing all the gator meat for lunch. We need to come up with a fryer.I'll handle the grease.
I confirmed $100.00 gift cert. from Alumitech today.This will be part of the best hand prize.Thanks Raymond.Dakota and I are working on more incentives for best hand so all monies raised can go to Pete's family.
Thanks all and thanks Skeeter for doing that as well. Yes, the more people we have there the more money it is going to make for Glenn. From what I understand his dad has been moved to a much better facility but he needs alot of therapy. He is still going to have to retain an attorney so he can get guardianship of his dad so all of his stuff and his dads stuff end up with the state and we all know that can happen. I think he is looking into some sort of legal action against the previous nursing home as well. So every little bit will help. As of right now I have $1825 in my hands. I am going to be sending this to glenn in the next day or two because it all just cleared the bank. So thanks to all so far.
Yes it is still on. I am not sure who all is coming but all are welcome. I have offered my yard to Stan and country to park here with their boats and their campers. I have 3 twin beds and a double bed on the couch that all are welcome to. Hell if you want to camp out in the yard I am fine with that as well. We have parking here. Also if there are some that will be here Saturday we would be happy to go out riding that day after Chris gets out of work at 1 so. Just let me know.
I'm gonna try to be there on Saturday an afternoon/evening ride sounds good to me, can anyone recomend an airboater friendly hotel close by ( relatively safe, I don't want to sleep with one eye open )
You may want to PM Dakota she is from that area.We will be leaving 10:00am Saturday morning and heading south.See you there.
Hey there Randy. There are a few close to I95 and they have had plenty of people stay there with airboats. There is the Holiday Inn, Budget Inn, Days Inn, Howard Johnsons, and York Inn.
But if you want to save your money and stay with us you are more than welcome. If you don't mind sleeping in a room with nascar.
Dakota, you and Chris are a trip :D . One of these days 215 people are going to show up on your doorstep lookin' for a place to sleep, and the really cool part is .... you'll find room for them.

You guys are awesome.
You are exactly right Ken. We can hold about that many as long as we all make pallets in the floor.
Skeeter I think you mean Sunday morning at 10. LOL
This is one of the kind of things I miss out on over here and one of the things I love about this forum. Just plain folks helping other folks in a very direct manner.

I have to confess to ignorance as to HOW a poker run works and HOW it makes money for a cause. Any cause not just this one or event. Would someone try to explain it or educate me, I may not be the only one that doesnt know.

Thanks folks

Dakota I am tryin, I should be done by then. It may be the shakedown cruise LOL or shake apart cruise either way i am tryin.