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June 30th


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has the decision been made about where to go, not sure if I should try lake harney or just go to kiss. , where are the majorities going, thanks, Lee
I will be going to Kissimmee (Camp Mack) on the 30th.
Would love to get a group together and and make a ride of it.
Is everything going to pan out.I haven't heard anything else about any racing.Just curious to know I dont want to ride all the way up there for nothin.
I never have been on Harney I would like to check it out though.We will have to see if my ride boat is done by that time.
Its still on for the 30th,Terry I sold my boat but I will be there with a friend,yall come on up,should be a good time,pm me if you got any ?.
sounds like everything is in order, how long to get there from tampa, what about av gas between here and there, maybe a few locals could meet us newbees at the ramp at a specified time , thanks, Lee
From tampa I would guess about 2and 1/2 hrs to get here. I-4 EAST to 417 NORTH to red bug lake rd. exit go right. Follow till it ends at lockwood rd. and go left. Stay on lockwood till it ends at 426 and go right . when you get to the light in geneva go right on 46 . Go about 5 miles and public ramp and jolly gator will be on the left just before the bridge. You can get avgas in lakeland or sanford at avion jet center $4.21 gal.
im sure of looking over the past discussion on lake harney for june 30th that there was alot more people and boats wanting to ride that day so far i only see a few is everyone backing out last minute ? lol i will be there if i can bum a boat ride lol sounds like a fun day
Heard today that the Hernando division of the p2 candyass posse Lord wader and Dudley ole roaster of the p-nut might join in the festivity's on the 30th. Still waiting word from THE SAWGRASS UNIVERSITY alumni on their final decision...
bdasinger88, checkout airnav.com,click on fuel pricing, click on LL100 and enter in lakeland zip code and it will list prices and locations. Good tool.

P2 glad to hear ya'll are plannin' to grace us with your presence ,lookin forward to it. Twist some old SGU alumni arms or shame them in comming upwith ya'll. I,m sure the same sentiments are felt by ole Polyvinucus also.