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june airboat meeting


looks like weather is going to cooperate for saturdays meeting. meeting is june 8, 2013 at downs house. 1256 valley island rd. or first island south of geiger road boat launch. You'll see the airboats on the beach. there is a back cut south to come around to the road side of the house if you want. call 989-5509393 for dick or email derek.downs93@gmail.com. meeting is at 12:30 on the porch and we are planning a cookout at the spot we call the rest area on the west side of dynamite cut. see you saturday


I am planning on attending on Saturday, couple little obstacles to clear and we will be set to go, got a couple of questions:
Is there anything we need to bring, i.e. dish to pass or meat for the cookout?
Assuming when we show up to just head over to Geiger road and launch and drive to Dick's beach, is there any room to park the truck/trailer at Dick's or just leave it at Geiger road boat launch?