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June S.A. Ride

What week of June?

  • 1st weekend 3rd-4th

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  • 2nd weekend 10th-11th

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  • 3rd weekend 17th-18th

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  • 4th weekend 24th-25th

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I hope by the time we have another ride I'll have my airboat back.

But lets look at where we can ride next. hope the water level is up by then.

First what would a good date be for everyone the 18th is Father's Day which means I can go out on the water with no problems. But the 24th and 25th looks good what do we thing.
Two clubs, Citrus County and United Sportmen, and possibly a third, Seminole County, are getting together up on Orange Lake/ Cross Creek / Lockloosa on the 24th weekend. If you haven't ridden there you're in for a treat.

I had such a good time this last weekend, I can't wait for the next get together. I had to go with the third weekend. I gotta go do the Honda Hoot thing in Knoxville in the fourth week. LOL It's going to be a very busy summer!

I have a poker run on the 11th here,And then a run planned at Orange Lake on the 24th and 25th with Citrus and United.
Like Dan I had to go with the third weekend. I'm getting married the second weekend, and I'll be in SD the fourth weekend packing up the new bride and her son to move to sunnny Jensen Beach, FL.
Sounds like two rides need to be planned.

Shouldn't be a problem because for the last few months, we've had multiple events.

looking forward to it!

Just to let you know that we are hosting a ride with Lake County the weekend of Father's Day. Not that we have to have the ride with that but I just wanted it to be known that we will not be available that weekend. The Orange Lake time sounds good to me though although that is where we are going to be having the FAA meeting in July. So we would see it two times which does not bother me at all.
Well we have canceled the ride Father's day weekend until the water comes up. So you can set it up anytime you want. Me and cchardt may or may not be there. we may take the month of June off. We will see when it comes.
I mentioned to Swampjet that there may be some SA members coming up to join our Orange Lake monthly club ride the 24th and 25th.All is welcome.Seminole Co,Citrus and I think United Sportmans Airboat clubs will be there.
Sounds like the 24th and 25th it is then.
Now everyone hop over to the other post and we'll make it Orange Lake then.