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k-way gear boxes

Hey everyone I am new to this airboat stuff. What do you run for oil in your gear box, does everybody buy it from panther?I live between lake city and gainesville any clubs around here? How about you folks around orlando area where do you run? I run orange and lochloosa just looking for new areas... also any where in georgia around the big swamp.... thanks
if you have a rotator gear box they will not warranty it unless you use their stuff $8 per quart and it uses 1 QT and they say to change it every 30 hours check out their cataloge at http://www.classicairboats.com this is panther warm up your engine first this stuff is like mollasses
There is an air boat builder in swannee county that could proably tell where they run . that is close to where you live

Owner: Scorpion Airboats - Lee Hancock
Address: 20875 81st. pl. A
City: O 'Brien
State: Fl.
Zip Code: 32071
Phone: 386-935-1388
Email: scorpionairboats.com
Looking for places to run, We went to the WRAA poker run last week and there is a lot of land in Inverness and a lot of air boats. We had the good fortume to meet alot of people and they were very friendly.
This weekend the metting of the airboat club and state metting is in Hernando and then they are going to ride the loop.
I have not riddden it but they told me it is a 3 -4 hour ride. Come on down we are going from Gainesville.
e-mail me if tyou wan to follow each other
Thanks for info. everybody... Wallygator I got your response to late to go.. If I had checked in time I would have definately tried to go...
CCAA is having a poker run next weekend Also.
I missed the meeting yesterday something came up and had to work.Maybe we will see ya there.