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kids age and Fl law


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since I moved to Fl I have learned that kids aren't allowed to do quit as much down here due to Fl law but with my boat getting loser to completion and ya'll taking about these minis and whats the best engine it has me thinking jetski motor (30-95hp) with reduction unit on a custom aluminum mini hull 9 or 10 foot long

I know Fl law says that kids have to be older (14) then most other places to drive jetskis but there was a difference in boats up to a certain Hp does anyone know what the Fl law says about a kids age for driving a boat and what there hp limits requirement is?
Nothing is required if the child is operating a boat with less than 10hp. Ten hp or more, and not on a private lake or pond, a person 21 or less needs a boating safety course OR someone 18 or older with either a boating safety card or exempt from same must be aboard. INCREDIBLY, other than a jet ski, as long as a child has the boating safety card, they can operate ANY vessel on the water, EXCEPT they must be 14 or older to run a jetski, and 18 or older to rent one. So a 10,000 hp racing boat is fair game for a kid with a boating safety card.

Cool so building a single seat mini for my 10 year old is a do able thing as long as he gets a fl boaters safety card:D

You can get one from the tax collectors office. I suggest you get two because the course spells out the boating laws pertaining to airboats too. You can take the course as self study and mail in your test for free or take it online and pay a fee.

The boaters safety course explains also as Ruagatr did, the laws for children.

Log on to the FWC websitehttp://myfwc.com/boating/safety/ID_card.htm
thanks we will probably do the online thing to be easier . I just wanted to make sure it was legal for him down here before I put any more thought into the project. we had this problem with jet skis when we moved here he was no longer able to ride his because of Fl strict laws and just wanted to be sure since this mini forum has me thinking about a new toy for him