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Killed this skinny 8ft Gator this morning.


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Pretty skinny, but it sure is going to taste good.

*Note the Southern Airboat Shirt! :lol:
Is that the one in the cooler at Camp Holly Sat morning? We left it some company from Lake Washington.............
Dang Jeff, your killing me. It was actually 7ft 8" I tried to get luis to pull it's tail so I could stretch it another 4". LOL
Hunted there for the last two nights. I am not sure which I saw more of boats or gators. Certainly didn't see an abundance of big gators. It is amazing what a difference water makes.


That gator will eat well no matter weather he is 7-8 or 8 ft.
I'm sure theres some folks wishing they had him in their freezer already. Great post. Thanx,Cajun