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I`m gonna try my catahoula one more time on the 21st. He seems to do well if other dogs show him the lead. So I guess what I`m after is if anyone can come out on the 21st and bring at least 1 dog I`d be grateful. I don`t think bring more than 1 would do much good cos then he`d be in a pack with no friends. BTW wer`e gonna go into Starvation Slough. The sign is outta this world. Plus bows and muzzle loaders only is a bonus.
I`m thinking I might get another dog. Maybe a bulldog. I`d have to get rid of the beagle though :lol:
I hunt Starvation some, its pretty good in there if you know where to go. Just make sure you are aloud to bring dogs in though, I aint sayin it aint legal, but I never seen none in there. Just double check the regs. Good luck.
I've got a couple BMC's , they are young but I have caught hogs with them in no name slough. If we could get together I would hunt the river with you.
Cool I`m hunting in Starvation this weekend (01-06-08)
Gatting ready to hunt with my dog on the 21st. We`re gonna stay over Maybe you can come out and join us. I`ll be at the airboat ramp at about 6am on the 21st
Good luck this weekend, you should have no problem finding a hog. Haven't been in starvation much this year, but no name and boney marsh are full of hogs. Unfortunately, i must work this weekend. I work every other weekend, I can't make the 21st either. However, if you like to hoghunt off your airboat stay in touch, always room for a new hog hunting buddy. Going in the morning to gardners marsh if you can pull it off.
You are talking about hunting hogs, right ? You mentioned catahuola so that is what I assumed. Guess I shoulda asked.
Yeah I`m good to go any time. Just gimme some notice. I`d have loved to come to Gardners with ya.

One more thing my dog really dosn`t like the boat, seems to think it a tad noisy hmmmmm. I generally just tye him on and he hates me for it. Any suggestions
Woke up to rain this morning, everybody else begged off, so I didn't go. Got a hull in need of a bottom so just as well I guess. My dogs are not crazy about the noise either, I started riding them at 6 months with a short leash,now they are 16 months and have come to learn 1. they aint got no choice but to ride the boat (they don't like getting left behind)
2. they like finding and catching hogs and have come to associate the boat ride with fun. They are beginning to wind off the bow but still have plenty to learn. Keeping them in the woods hunting and riding has seemed to work for me.

kmac's got it. Short leash him on the foot stand between your legs, he'll feel a little more comfortable. Use a quick release snap so you can let him go when you see em.
Good for emegency's too. I'm sure there's plenty of ways but that has always worked best for us. They will soon associate the boat with hogs and then you can't leave the yard with out em. Good Luck too.
If you got some woods nearby drag a shoat a hundred yards or so and hobble em to a tree, then let your dog find em. Do it a few times and he'll get it. If your wanting to teach em to trail. Only expierence and time will make him though.
i love to hog hunt i have a bulldog that loves to ride and will catch my friend and i are new to the airboatin and dont know where to hunt would like to meet some new hunters and airboaters lets get together :D :D
Wouldn't mind going to Starvation with you if you can't find someone to go. I've hunted the river before just not that area. I've got a long range leopard cur and a medium range cur.
Keebo...how's the hog hunting on the St johns ?

Anybody that wants to load the dogs and run the hogs, I'm game ! Anytime between 1/10 and 1/14. Anybody hunting the Panasofkee special dog hunt ? Never been there but will be giving it a try late Jan.

PURTY GOOD, just got to run a bunch of dry. :D

saw a few last sunday evening close to florence.
sounds like my kinda huntin :!:

Lived in bithlo many years ago, used to put the bass boat in off hwy 50 and fish both sides of 50 for aways, haven't been back since. That boat ramp still there ?
yeah the boat ramp is still there right off of 50 in christmas... the river has dropped alot i bet the huntin probably gettin pretty good if it satys down.....was north of 50 the other day, seen alot of tracks...
Good...glad to hear it, plan on pulling the boat up there someday soon, be good to run around the old stomping grounds again.
Well, I just got back form Starvation Slough and I have never seen so much hog sign. I killed one at 5 yds , a grey boar and another at about 3yds, a 50#sow. They were with a group of about 30 hogs. I snuck up on em and waited til they fed towards me. I was covered up literally. I`ll be there the 21st for sure, but I really need someone with a catch dog. I saw some boars that would easily go 250 or more. So call in sick , hell call in dead and lets go.......