KRVSA - Another Airboater Party - Fat Saturday on the Marsh

Daddy Dave

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All airboaters are invited - KRVSA will host an Airboaters Party on Saturday, 18 February. Kissimmee is the place.

Fat Saturday on The Marsh

There'll be plenty of food for all - Ya'll Come. More to Follow.
Big Daddy,

Sad to say that me and the Ms will miss this one. To many other events goin' on as well as savin money for all the other up and coming airboat shows/events.

Can somebody please eat a burger/sausage for me :tongue8:

We will be missing that one as well. Too many other things going on plus that is the day I take my test so I can graduate with my AA. Yee Haw :D
Laura & I may make it... what is the location? Catfish Pond?

F.Y.I. - -
The road to Thomas Landing has been being regularly graded & smoothed. For those looking for another place to launch. Nice ramp for wet launching, and good grass field for dry loading.

Hey Big Daddy my airboat will be ready for that and my truck should be out of the shop so it looks good.
KRVSA has requested permission - like good little boys and girls - to utilize the new Shady Oaks Park for this one. Nothing but silence from SFWMD so far. Stay Tuned. Can we assume no denial is tacit approval??

A1 - real excited to see your new riging - bet it's hot.

There's another member's new boat that might get Christened that night too - JL 141's Hamant Thunder.
If its ready I WILL BE THERE!! If its not ready it ain't my fault...... its......well, hopefully they aren't reading the forum, there spending time wisely workin on getting their tasks completed..... and if I'm boatless I will be ridin with you HarryTfirefighter. Ya'll ask Harry what the "T" stands for. I think he's been holdin out.
Last month at the meeting where most of the Speight / Shady Oaks property was traded away for something or other, KRVSA was ASSURED the chain and lock to the Shady Oaks ramp would be quickly removed.

We hope that is the case by Feb. 18 so all who wish can use this "park" for its natural purpose. Will advise.

Last week's 8" of rain refilled Gardner's Marsh, so running up there should not be any problem for anyone if we have to go that route. We will likely meet at the Oak Hammock by Billy Goat Ridge / Catfish Pond / Square Pond IF and ONLY IF Shady Oaks is not available.
Thanks for the bump A1.

Do we need to register or anything? Is this that kind of organized? our style of boating is to just get out there and meander our own way around, and picking up some trash is normal behavior anyway.

Is there an online flier with details available?

As I remember from last year's event, this is a competetion, right? I'm more concerned about having fun and removing some beer bottles and flotsam than I am about a prize.... but we'll register if there is a chance, ya know. :)

Big D... I hope we run into you out there... I have that long awaited gift for you... The map. And it may just come in handy for the day too.

Well dang. We can still clean up though, right?

We want the place to look good for the clean-up party! LOL

I don't see how it's cheating if I go out and fill a few bags, and then drop them into the thomas landing dumpster on the way out.