KRVSA - Another Airboater Party - Fat Saturday on the Marsh

OH! What a great idea!!!!!!! :D Dang that's good!

Oh. I'd have to hold on to bags of trash for over a month, and then haul them around in the boat again. Yuk. LOL

Sorry about that! I get it now. Sometimes when jokes look like nails... you need a BIG hammer to get them thru the thick skull! :lol:


This is the latest from BigDaddy...

Kissimmee River Valley Sportsman's Association is happy to announce that SFWMD is opening the lock and taking down the chain at Shady Oaks Park just north of Hwy. 60 for the use of KRVSA & Friends this Saturday. February 18, 2006.

Florida's Airboaters - Ya'll come. Temperatures are forecast to be near 75 or 80. Entrance is across Hwy. 60 from the entrance to River Ranch Resort. Take paved road north to fork and then left to Shady Oaks Park.

Here's the deal the chain drops at 8 am.

Our Plan: Stevie Jurnigan is IN CHARGE. We'll launch and run the east side of Lake Kissimmee, taking several rest & relaxation stops along the way. We'll run up the east side of Gardner's Marsh, across the north road crossing and into Lake Cypress. We'll lunch at the new Cypress Lake Lodge and then return through the marsh to Shady Oaks for an evening meal of incredible Uncle John's Pride sausages hosted by KRVSA.

We are asked to vacate the park by midnight. Airboat launching will be available on this site. This is a one day only event

Regret to say we won't make this one :(
Sounds like a real nice ride!
I just hope it's not a "one-time' deal with the gate.

Did ya' find me a job up yet so I can move up there :)

A1MP...will you be coming from I4??

You can take a bunch of different ways but here's a few...

HWY 39 south runs from just south of Zephyrhills through Plant City to HWY 60. Turn left (east) and go all the way through Bartow and Lake Wales. After you leave Lake Wales you'll be pretty much in the middle of cattle country. The entrance to River Ranch is on the right side and they have a big horse statue there best I remember. The road to Shady Oaks is across from this. If you cross the bridge at the lock you've gone to far.

OR, You can go down I4 to US27 and head south. Go through Haines City and keep heading south to HWY 60 and go east into Lake Wales (go under the overpass and turn left) and then follow the directions above.

Hope this helps

Thanks BPS, I've been to Camp Mack and Grape Hammock. Can you tell me what the name of the road is that you turn onto?
A1 you turn on the same road off of 60 that you use to get to grape hammock. When you get to the turnoff for grape hammock just go on by it and shady oaks is farther down.
KRVSA Club members, If you missed the KRVSA Run From Shady Oaks last Saturday, here's the story....

For me, it was one of the most incredible airboat runs I have ever experienced. What a site that park will be for all of us. Acres of lake side launching, more acres of oak hammock shade and shelter, no whining neighbors - just an outstanding airboat gathering site.

With Our Fearless Leader Danny Brantley in the lead and Gena Kaley as navigator, we left Shady and ran up the side of Three Lakes WMA on perfect airboat conditions - warm enough to not need a jacket, no clouds and no wind. Brantley was too fast to follow, but we finally caught up at the flat just south of Overstreet Landing where 23 airboats lined up. In the distance and closing fast came another - the 24th was the Ghost of Gardner Marsh himself. All was right in our world.

Danny Brantley demonstrated his ability to confuse Diet Coke with midwinter antivenin and the fun was on. He turned up an old Zephyrhills Water bottle full of brown liquid and was on his third gulp when he realized his mistake. Tears flowed, his eyes bulged, crossed and watered and his voice was squeaky for a while - but, in true airboater style - he swallowed it all and Gotter Done.

Then, it was up the north edge of the lake where 8 endangered whooping cranes did their bump and grind in Overstreet's front yard. On to the Indian Mound where eagles circled the crowd and four more boats joined the group coming in from North Cove. From there, it was down the eastern trail of Gardner's Marsh to the North Road Crossing where everyone made it through with no problems.

We broke northeast and went down one of Brantley's "secret" trails through a certain hole in a fence to pop out at the Toho Ditch on Lake Cypress. We simply overwhelmed the new Cypress Lake Lodge's kitchen and service staff. Randy Starcher and his wife Pam - the owners - finally jumped in and Adam and Nicole Wetherington, Bill Hartt and Me and Fishin-Gypsy finally got our burgers. Took about 1hr & 15 mins to feed the 60 or so invaders. They promise to do better the next time. The food was very good.

We then ran back through the Hole-In-The-Wall, one challenging dry ground run - and back across the North Road Crossing to Oak Hammock at the Catfish Pond. Another social hour and then through Gardner's to North Cove, then to the Pig Trail and on to the Bus. Quite a few more boats had joined our ranks by then and Junior Jurnigan cornered many of them for 10 new KRVSA memberships.

From there it was down the western edge of Lake Kissimmee and around Brahma Island to Shady. KRVSA served up free food aplenty - thanks to Crofton & Sons Meats Uncle John's Pride sausages expertly prepared by Fred Kaley - and stars by the millions - what a backdrop for the incredible songs of Jerry Renney, Jr.

Kinda makes you think the Great Spirit gave his blessings to KRVSA's effort and this event.

Dave Markett