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KRVSA Christmas Holidays Party- Lions Club Camp - Dec. 02

Daddy Dave

Well-known member
KRVSA will hold its annual member's Christmas Holidays Party on Saturday night, December 02 at the Lions Club Camp on Lake Tiger off Hwy. 60 east of Lake Wales. Turn north off Hwy. 60 on Lions Club Camp Rd. - just east of Walk-In-Water Creek.

You are invited to come have a great time. Plenty of airboat parking.

Drive your truck, drive your airboat - just get there and KRVSA will take very good care of everyone. Catered food, bonfire, music, dancing, (Including the Big Gobbler Strut), fellowship and great times. Dress is "Airboat Casual".

Bring Your Own Adult Beverage of Choice

RSVP Please to JDBran7@aol.com.
Well, we had a great time at the KRVSA x-mas party last night. The food was great, the music was great and the company even finer. It is an honor to be a part of this great club. Thanks to all who helped the party go off without a hitch.

It was sure good to see so many great friends there! We may have been a little late getting there, but we stayed til the very end and helped pack up the band.

Only the few of us who stayed til the end got to hear the singer's 6-year-old daughter sing Christmas carols -- what a treat! Wayne Purvis is a great performer.

Thank you KRVSA for throwing such a great party!