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Big Daddy,

Help :shock: I can't find my KRVSA newsletter, (think the dog mighta ate it)!

Can you please post time and location info here for the lake cleanup?

Thanks in advance.

I too would like to get the official info. At the GTO swap meet we paid for and joined the KRVSA, but have not started getting the newsletter yet.

We were told that they are proceeding with plans to make a website, and before too long, the club will have a web presence. That'll be nice to get good info straight from the source.

But till then (and Basket's puppy posse outgrow the mail-eating phase) I'd like to learn the "official news" too.

Here's the info...

The lake cleanup will be held 1 April on Lake Kissimmee/Hatchineha/Cypress.

The weigh-in and cookout will be at Camp Mack but you can put in wherever you like.

Time frame:

You can start cleaning whenever you like...around daylight or later, its your choice.
The weigh-in will begin at 1200 at Camp Mack. Once that's done the cookout will begin, followed by the live auction (lots of cool stuff up for bid like 4 wheelers, guided trips, etc.).
After the auction will be the drawing for the KRVSA raffle boat.

$200 for the most unusual find
$200 for the mystery weight (it will be announced, therefore it's a mystery :wink: )
$700 for the club that comes up with the most weight.

Has anyone ever SCUBA dove the lake or river waters during a clean up project?

I have Scuba'ed the Wakulla, Aucilla, Sante Fe, St. Marks, and Suwanne Rivers and have pulled all kinds of stuff off the bottom. Radios, tape players, tackle boxes, fishing poles, sunglasses, watches, and even an old rusted pistol have been picked up off the bottom of the rivers.

While removing these items don't produce an instant "visual effect", they are items that need to be removed.

Just wondering...
Cool another diver on the site, that's my passion. Of all the springs which one would you recommend to dive. I'm a very experienced wreck diver with experience at deep depths. I'm into historical stuff especially ship wrecks but not much interest in cave diving. Could you recommend some spring or fresh water dives.
I have been diving for years but only got "certified" last year OFFICIALLY.

All of my diving has been working under water to hunt for and recover Paleo type Indian artifacts. Paleo points, bone pins, fish hooks (bone), bone spears, and the like are the treasures I hunt.

I have never been to any of the springs but I'm sure I would enjoy them if I did. Like you, I have no interest as of yet in cave diving... too many hobbies already.

My older brother turned me on to this years ago and he and my younger brother used to dive quite often in the late 70's and early 80's. If you like crystal clear rivers, look no farther than the Aucilla or Wakulla in Northern Florida.
Do you have any details on the 4 wheelers for auction? Cowboy and I have been kicking around getting a couple or a Polaris Ranger XP.
I am ready for this weekend. I need a good get away and I am excited. I am excited because we are going to clean up the lake area and have lots of fun with so many different people from all over. WOOHOO!!! :lol:
I am unaware of any 4 wheelers at this auction. Next year will be the ATV year. We have had our hands full with the airboat this year. Everyone just wants to "see how she rides". Never been cranked yet - except by Junior Jurnigan for the tune up. Hopefully, everyone will see BigDaddy win it.
Dakota, what I want to know is who's teachin' school today ? :p .

Well BF, this week is Spring Break but I stopped teaching in October and I took some time off. Right now I deliver our local newspaper for about 3 hours in the morning and I have the rest of the day to myself. I make good money too and I am able to stay home with my 3 year old and here when the girls get home from school.
That's my story and I'm stickin to it. :lol:
That works for me, Lady. Glad you're gettin some time off ..... we'll see y'all Sat.

I missed out on the TURKEY hunt again so I am going to be at the Lake with you guys this weekend.

See you guys on the water!
BigDaddy":1r313n2r said:
Hopefully, everyone will see BigDaddy win it.

Dream on BigD!!!! :lol:

And I do apologize about that map. Danny Brantley took one look at it and claimed it as KRVSA property! Will try to get another one. But word is it'll be entered as a prize drawing or maybe auctioned off... so I wish you luck there.

I only showed it to him because the 'glades map was drwawing so much attention at the S/A booth - I thought I'd offer to let him show the Lake K map on his table to attract the same attention.

But that boat is mine :twisted:

Hey ya'll,

The lake cleanup went well with the biggest turn-out ever per Mr. Danny Brantley of the KRVSA. Blackpowderscout, myself and CCHardt's boats did our cleanup at the "Ridge" and polluted waters before headind back to weigh-in our share, (was cool to hear that Southern Airboat came in 3rd or 4th for most trash :cheers:

Hopefully this will be an annual effort for Southern Airboat to aid in the beautification of this little piece of heaven called the Kissimmee chain of lakes.