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Lake County Airboat Club Cookout and Membership Drive


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The LCAC had a cookout and membership drive on Lake George this past Saturday! 65 airboats and numerous pontoon and kicker boats joined in the fun. What a sight to see all the boats on the sandbar! The "Lake County Airboat Club Outing" banner was flying proudly in the midst of all the airboats. Young-un's and old folks played and relaxed on the partly submerged sandbar in the water! A buffet style dinner was served, pork butts, chicken, chili cooked out on the sandbar during the day, with everyone bringing a covered dish.

The event was a huge success not only with turnout but new members were signed up, tee shirts sold, and thunderstorms that popped up later in the day went around us and let the fun continue!

This is just ONE of the many reasons to join your local airboat club. Great job to all who helped organize this event. You had to have been there to appreciate the effort that went into making this outing one of the best ever!

I found it personally satisfying to describe just how much fun I was having, via cell phone, to Cajun and Gatorstick who were "holed-up" indoors at the gator seminar in Longwood that day! Yee-haaaa!