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Lake county club run


Silent Prop
R. I. P.
Well for those didn't make the crystal river run ... Ya'll missed a good one. Stan and I did not cook anything this time for once. We just rode and socialized and had a good time. I won't attempt to list who was there because I would get it wrong for sure.

We met up with mudpuppy today over at hernando and had another great time. The water was skinny the ground was mostly hard. There is some green grass over there that I swear has barbs on it though. We climbed to the top of the GROVE and enjoyed the view. We found a little shade for lunch and visited with a few of the locals.

All in all I would give that area a solid 10 for beauty and running. If you haven't been there you really need to go and take it in. I highly suggest that you avoid the little whit pvc pipes stickin up though because the mark stumps and rocks with them over there. I was doin my usual slide antics when I cam upon one hid in a clump of bushes, I was hard on the throttle ryin to change directions before I hit it because I was aware of its significance, LOL oh well whats a little dent right ... at least i didnt roll it this time.

We had a great weekend sorry everyone wasn't there.
Like always I had a great time and the next time I should have Windy's gas problem fix. I tried to down load the video of your drive by but it said I didn't have the space. Check out Stan on the one that I did get on the site.
Your right John, it was a great time! I have some good pics of your new boat! Will try to either post or sent to you.

The manatees in the clear water were awesome! Several of us were chomping at the bit to swim with them up close! Lot's carried scars from kicker boat props. Airboats are their friends! :lol:

Saturday morning ride made a big loop from King's Bay thru the marsh and out into the gulf. Stopped on an island (that was for sale) then for lunch along the way. Spent the remainder of the afternoon playing in the clear waters and socializing.

We didn't ride Hernando (I wish we could have, I know it's beautiful) but stopped at Airboat Pro's and visited for awhile before heading home. Chuck had some awesome boats there.
Another adventure comes to a close . Just imagine me an old florida florida boy with cracker ancestry (family moved to florida in 1845 to run cows) had never been to crystal river untill this weekend ,talk about livin a sheltered life.
Whilst we were ridin I caughted my self thinking of my belly and visualizing my self back in time sittin around a nice fire with a manatee fryer on the spit . Evedintley they must not taste to good or all the crackers would have ate them along time ago.
The ride was easy well almost to easy untill bandit called us up on the cell wondering were we were at . seems He and bonnie had gotten waylayed by a couple of renagaded dolphins . Then had gotten misdirected and needed help finding us. well we then set out on a mission to locate bandit and bonnie.After locating them wich was'nt to hard at all we made our way back to ozela, to pecks restaurant.Which I might say is a good place to belly up to the table.
We left pecks and headed to the crystal cool waters were we spent the rest of the daylight hours bs'n in the knee deep waters.
Saturday night we had the oppertunity to enjoy what crackers had to offer for a dinning expieriance. let me tell you what if you are into loud(something about the wood ceiling and glass walls) sorry food and service this is the place.Cheryl told me that she would rather have went to mickey dee's
sunday we hooked up with a1mudpuppy for a ride at hernando good thing too, cause it only takes me about 2 minutes and I am completly turned around up there ,also the gps took a dump and wouldn,t start up ole well.
we stayed the weekend at crystal isle campground with a canal lot and dock for the boat wich was real nice they served a good buffet all you care to eat breakfast including drinks for 4.99 starting at 8:30.

Good people and Good times , ain't life grand
Crackers used to be a real good place to eat til they changed hands around 4 yrs. ago. I've been back once since then and it was just like you said .... lousy food and service.

Woodswoman, we've got a big ol manatee that hangs around the docks up here that carries some terrible scars from kicker boats. It's a wonder she's still alive.


Manatees go real well with Mojo on a grill ( or so I've been told ) hehehe!

I wanted to jump in and pet the baby, I saw--didn't figure mom or the law would go for it so I refrained..... :lol:
Our native indians used to net 'em and sell them to the Spanish. Before I check out I'm gonna
be able to tell y'all how one tastes. :)