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lake george area

Salt Springs is a nice camp with tent RV hookups. It's on Salt Springs run about 4 miles from the lake. Very nice place to camp/boat.
Look on the NW side of Lake George near the village of Salt Springs.
The LCAC club is usually on the water every weekend, especially since hunting season is over for those boys! Anyway, depending of which side of the lake you want to stay on try these two:

Parramore's-You can drop the boat in and put in a slip there, they have a ramp
S Moon Rd (just down the dirt road from Volusia Bar)

St. Johns River Campground-Very nice cabins, you have to trailer a very short distance to put in at Blue Creek or Volusia Bar.
Hwy 40 (just across the bridge when leaving the Blackwater Restaurant)

Both of these are very nice, clean and airboat friendly. I have stayed at both more than once with our club and with family. LCAC runs the lake and usually ends of in Juniper most of the day. However, they will run to Silver Glen and hang outside the island, run over to the "Car Seat," then to the "Pasture." Not too many run as far as Salt Springs, but I'm sure someone would if you wanted to get a tour and check it out. If you are interested, let me know and I can make a phone call or two.

But since the weather is nice and they're dun huntin', they're ridin'!
I'll be puttin' in at Salt Springs on Saturday the 21st for the first time. I've never been on Lake George before, so if anyone else is gonna be there that weekend let me know.
Frognutz, we will be there Sat. morning as well. I'm not sure where were putting in at it's my first time there as well. Look for my boat.
JR, I'll look for ya. Don't have any pictures of my new boat yet. But it's a 13' 5" black Gilileo Laser hull with an IO540 and a grass rake like yours.
10-4 If it's not windy we will probrably put in at salt springs if it is windy, juniper run. looking forward to it, Anyone else? the more the better. :D
You can't put in at juniper,and I wouldn't put in at salt springs either.I would put in at Blue Creek lodge or Volusia Bar.
thanks Tony, i'm following someone else that knows the area because I don't, I just misunderstood he said somewhere just south of juniper.I guess I'll find out, definately gonna learn the area it's one of the closest places for me.
Okay- I'll say it again, I am a member and webmaster of the Lake County Airboat Club, if you want a "PERSONAL TOUR" and shown around, let me know, I can line up some members specifically to meet you at the ramp, whichever you choose, to take you around for as long or short a time as you would like. They love doing that!

Blue Creek is off of Hwy 40, if you are traveling west on Hwy 40 (say from Deland area), Blue Creek will be on the right before Hwy 19, it is a dirt road. No big turn off sign or advertisement, look for street sign Blue Creek Lodge and turn right. Follow the road and sign to turn off to head to lake. There are no facilities here, just a ramp and parking is on either side of the road. Kind of like parking at Cypress, just no facility.

Volusia Bar is also off of Hwy 40. If you are traveling west from Deland area, before you get to the bridge over the St. Johns River, there is a restaurant called O'Briens on the left, across the street you will see a big sign for Jungle Den, that road is Riley Pridgeon Rd, turn right. Head down the road for about 2.5 miles to Volusia Bar, turn left, follow to the end. There is a boat ramp there, covered pavilion, portable bathrooms, and Len is the man in charge of the area, there is a $5 ramp fee. Your things are safe.

If you are coming from Hwy 19 say through Umatilla and Altoona area, head east on Hwy 40 then flip flop your rights and lefts for the ramps, (and then Riley Pridgeon is across the river bridge.)

I had previously sent a post with information and numbers for places to stay, Parramore's is just a couple of miles from Volusia Bar and St Johns Campground is on Hwy 40 closer to Riley Pridgeon Rd and only a few miles east of Blue Creek.
True, you cannot put in at Juniper and Salt Springs is pretty far north of the Hwy 40 and Hwy 19 intersection, can't put in at Silver Glen, Volusia Bar and Blue Creek are the put in spots!

True, Juniper has Fish & Game company, idle speed to the bridge, but it's a good time to do a little fishin' and trollin' on the way, see some pretty scenery, etc.......

If anyone is interested let me know..................

I'm taking my wife and daughter to Lake George on April 21st for the first time. I was planning to put in at Salt Springs just because it looked like it would be a nice ride from there to Juniper. Figured I'd grill some dogs, eat lunch, lounge around the springs for a bit and then go for another ride.

If there's gonna be some members of LCAC out there that day I'd love to ride with them. Always more fun to ride with a group than to ride alone. :p
Frognutz, sorry I didn't pat attention to the date you posted I was thinking this weekend,We are going this Sat. the 14th. Nothing to lose and I and maybe a couple others.

Vickchick, If you can get a hold of anyone that's goin Sat. to show us around and ride that would be awesome,the more the merrier :D I still have your bro's number I'm still gonna contact him to get some info about glades city. Thanks a bunch!!
frognutz and jrstultz-

I called our secretary of the club, she is going to talk to her husband and call me back tomorrow and I can then post back to you some phone numbers and you all can have some direct communication and come up with a meeting time and place.

I see you are riding two different weekends, I will make sure she knows that so we can line up someone for both! I'll email back tomorrow-earlier than this time.

Yeah, Mark is in town for awhile now so give him a call when you get a minute!

*There is a Marine Swap Meet and Boat Show at the Volusia County Fairgrounds on SR 44 all weekend, I'll be there with our club store on Saturday...............There is going to be a section just for airboat clubs and dealers if anyone is interested.

The St. Johns River campground is a pretty cool place. Cabins have bout' everything you need except for bath towels, (sink,fridge,showertable,chairs two beds). Hope ya'll don't have to pull straws to see who sleeps in "munchinville" though :lol: The loft bunking area is neat but don't jump up out of bed quick! Reccommend using the LCAC's ramp off of Blue Creek, (a bunch of us on here made the ride from Salt Springs southward last year and it's a gas burner for sure).

Nothing to lose,
We got put into the ramp late Saturday. Were you there? Rode from the Lake County Ramp to Juniper then to Silver Glen. Most of the boats were leaving when we got there late.

We got to see a bald eagle get his lunch.Gotta say that it's a pretty cool place with a nice ramp and not much litter on the lake as far as I could tell. Hat's off to LCAC and it's members for keeping it that way :salute: